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Aksys Games Sees What You Did There (and they don't like it)

Well, unless you're pirating BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for the ...arcade? Oh, it's a parody. But, unless you want Aksys editor, Ben (aka UNICRON), to smother your life away with a pillow of an anime chick on it, you better enjoy it 'cause that's the last thing you're going to see (and depending if that's one of the Agarest ladies you wanted to woo in the first place, that's a good thing).

I think that's localization specialist, Noba, jacking the car and then getting slapped by Gail, director of marketing at Aksys. What a cooky bunch.

By the way, could that pillow be a clue as to what Aksys is planning to include in their collector's edition for their upcoming release of Record of Agarest War? Only Ben will tell (and he won't, so don't ask him. Or he'll eat you. And that's his pillow).
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