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A War of SRPG and Bosoms Begins: Record of Agarest War Released This Week


Remember seeing a brazen, young man the last time you heard about this game?

You didn't? Sorry you had to see that, then... But, Record of Agarest War is released today for the Xbox 360. Not just any release; “Really Naughty Limited Edition” includes a pillow case and a "hand rest" mouse pad on top of a soundtrack inside a "naughty Collector’s Box to protect your girls".

PS3 owners will not be basking with these limited naughty bits and will have to wait for the Playstation Shop for it to drop later this week (Agarest is download only for the PS3) but according to a representative, Belisarius ("Glorious Mechanical Man-Beast") from the Aksys Forums had this to say:

"...Agarest will be $44.99 on PSN."

The Xbox's "Naughty Edition" is retailed for $59.99. PS3 owners will also benefit from the free DLC that was made available for them.

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