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Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Thought this competition would serve as adequate excuse to set up C-blogs

so here it is

Sitting under the fans and heatsinks is

Intel Quad Core 3 ghz
2 x 512MB 8800GT Sli
500GB hardrive
22" Samsung monitor

So thats the rig

I will probably be posting more, being a poor PAL gamer I have lots to vent about, especially now the 360 RROD'd, the guy who had a PS3 got kicked out of uni and therfore the flat, and I have a fully operable wii with absolutely no games to play on it (thanks reggie)
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About mattmagooone of us since 12:29 AM on 01.10.2007

OK, my name is matt.

I live in the UK (england to be precise)

Most modern games I play are usually shooters or action games

I love arcade games, but hardly get the chance to play them (currently holding the top spot on Time Crisis 4 at bournemouth pier)

Not really much to me, I like classic games and xbla stuff aswell

can't think of anything else
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