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Do Videogames Encourage Murder & Suicide?

I realise from the title of the blog a lot of people might roll their eyes and set their flame guns to 'On', but the intention of this post is to entertain a thought which has been on my mind for a while now.

I will downplay the murder aspect, and concentrate more on the suicide. The only reason I mention murder is because of the, often tenuous, links between videogaming and mass murder/suicides in the media. Many of you will probably be anticipating a long post explaining how the violence in videogames has an effect on children, which can cause them to act violently, but that is not why I am writing this post, and I will aim to keep it short.

A large amount of games we play today have some variation on the above screen, you have been killed, the game has ended, would you like to play the game again? This is the most basic of solutions to death in a videogame, and yet we see it almost everywhere. There is no punishment to death, other than the chance to replay the level (although in some instances, this is a punishment). So what do you do when you play again? You fix your errors, you find the solution and you continue on your way.

In an age where religion is being disproved and ridiculed in the media, and with children playing more and more videogames, whose to say that their basic understanding of life and death has not changed. Religious folk believe in heaven and hell because that is what they are taught, but what if they were being taught, repeatedly, that all their actions can be undone, replayed and changed. Any action they take is not definitive, it can be altered and you have a second shot at everything.

And since everyone can be replaced and regenerated. there is no value in life, and someone that does not value life is a very dangerous person.

Before the flames start, and everyone gets arsey, this is just a thought, I don't neccessarily believe it's true.
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