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On this day in history, our friends from across the pond burned the White House down, forever damning themselves to lives of substandard dental care. In other far more important news, it is the date of my hatching. I turned 20, oh so ...


Metal Gear Solid LCD: Handheld of Freedom

It's T minus 2 weeks until Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is released. Get nostalgic by witnessing how far the series has evolved since the days of...*ahem*...this. This video is footage of the Tiger handheld electronic LCD ga...


Bitches Don't Know 'Bout My Cheap Dtoid Shirt

Bitches Don't Know 'Bout My Diabeetus Neither Ok, so maybe you do know 'bout it... ...since you might have ordered one for HOSHIT ONE DOLLAR thanks to the illustrious Topher. Just got it in the mail this morning an I just wanted to say ...


Why I'm Back and Why I Shall STFUAJPG

After months of depriving myself of the luxuries of the internet, I've returned to reading Destructoid, shenanigans and, most importantly, gaming. To give you all the Cliff's Notes version on why, I pretty much almost flunked out of coll...


Dtoid Meet-Up @ Video Games Live on 10/28?

So you might've noticed all the dates an locations on the front page for Video Games Live here a while back. My question is: who will be attending the October 28th show at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri? I'll be purcha...


Robot Rant: Chicks Cannot Carry Convos for Crap

Ok, so I decided I would rant about this tonight because this sort of thing "blue-balls" me every time and happens way too often for this to go on until I ranted to my favorite community EVAR. So here's the set-up: I went to my college'...


WINRARS of droobie's Dtoid PAX Photo Contest!

To those of you who entered droobie's "Win the fruits of my suckage: Destructoid community contest", he has officially announced the winners: "Winners! 1st Place: Dyslixec for his "Cock Bash '07" 2nd Place: masterledz for his "Batman ...


Life, Destructoid & The Pursuit of Happiness

I woke up from my meager 4 hours of sleep, but this morning was slightly different. I was hit with a reality-sized fifteen pound medicine ball to the metaphorical crotch: I am old. I'm not as old as "old people," but I am older than oth...


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