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L4D2 - Bleed out reviewed

So yesterday night I tried out the new Mutation in L4D2, called Bleed Out. It's basically normal campaign mode, but your health is (not so) slowly dripping away while you're moving forward. There are no health kits, only Pills and Adrenal...


Open Source and the future of games? (!) ?

This is basically my answer to Revs latest Rant: He is absolutely right: There will always be Action-fun-shoot-you-inthefacemotherfucker-games, because they are fun and profitable, just like cheap crime-novels or action-movies are. So Fun...


Untapped Potential: Chaos Theory

Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker, so there may be some (or more) mistakes. Sorry for that. What do I mean by "chaos theory"? And how do I think it is related to games? Very simple answer, but as I think, probably one of the biggest w...


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