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Anime Trailer Park: Spring 08 Part 2


I hope everybody enjoyed Part 1. If you haven't read it do check it out for some trailers on some of the bigger anime titles coming out this season. I would also be remiss to not point out that two of the anime (The Tower of Druaga and Blassrieter) I'm reviewing the trailers of are going to be released from Gonzo in the same format that Radiohead released their In the Rainbows album. It will be a pick your price situation using an online distribution with and without subtitles. Thanks to Japanator for pointing this out.

Alright on to the trailer park.

Long Trailers

Soul Eater

Summary: Good but it should be a Fall release.
This trailer has alot of good things going for it. The characters look good and the animation is solid even when its frantic. Its bad guy attacking women in an alley is so typical that its almost humorous but strangely it looked kinda cool as a means of introducing the two leads. The colors while maintaining a dark undertone, are done effective enough to get a true feel of effort put into it. My only concerns really are that this could just be typical first episode overbudgeting which will lead to less dramatic animation throughout the rest of the series. I personally love what they've done with the sun and the moon and just think that this anime would be suited more for a Fall release as this feels like a Halloween anime. The enemies are all takes on monsters of old legend and the animation does feel like it will be a refreshingly different anime for this season. Good trailer and I hope that the story backs up the bad assery of the characters. Check out the CM as well for more Soul Eater action.


Summary: I needed something more
The first minute is pretty dull. A slow piano fare plays in the background and we get to see the male lead interupt some arguments, but nothing else really captures any attention. After that we get the small child introduced which does brighten the dank feeling of the first 60 seconds. The warmth of conversation and steady upbeat music in the background helped as well. This is going to be a very dramatic anime with a young male lead in way over his head, but this trailer barely capitalizes on it. I just hoped that there would be some more interaction with the young girl as a backdrop to this over worked male lead. Something that could not be portrayed in the short time that the CM provides.

The Tower of Druaga - The Aegis of URUK

Summary: Too many PV's
There were 4 PV's for this anime. I believe this to be the best out of the 4 personally but I'll post the links below so you can see them all. I thought the web tower thing coming out of the desert and surrounding the town was pretty cool. And then it had the single character weapon attack thing that really felt like it was leading them to transform into Voltron or something with the sequence backgrounds appearing behind the characters. Its a cop out to save on animation and will be reused at least twice for each character I can guarantee it. The backgounds feel pretty off and the background music is a poor man's battle tune. The character models look fairly boring but at least there is a split second ecchi dressing scene to garner my attention back to the trailer at a little over half way through. The animation as well is off and on and overall I just don't think I'd go out of my way to watch this.

The other PV's:
PV 1
PV 2
PV 4

Real Drive (RD Sennou Chousashitsu)

Summary: Bubbles!
This trailer is brought to us from Production IG (Ghost in the Shell, Dead Leaves) and its actually pretty interesting. No story is really given just a lot of background. What we get though is very nice with underwater worlds and fantastic animation. The character models all look different and unique. It really makes it easier to notice the tranquility of the sea which in turn makes the excellent future tech parts of the trailer contrast and change the percieved views of the current world. The trailer looks gorgeous and I hope their is some pretty good story to back up the beautiful world. Now if you want to see the contrast between a good trailer and a bad one check out the first Preview for video effects straight from 1987 with its neon green borders and titled scenes. Its really bad and I had to choose which one I really wanted to present for the Trailer Park. I took the high road because I hoped it would promote the series. That first preview is awful incarnate.

Wagaya no Oinari

Summary: Spice and Wolf did it better
I honestly have seen all three trailers for this anime and have failed to like any of them. The animation quality is decent but I just can't feel myself liking any part of this. It has a wolf god transform into a human girl and thats nice, but there is no focus on any character outside of the god. Which is fine if you made the anime about what the wolf god is doing in the present world. No real interaction with her world except to scare two boys who she then apparently protects. Spice and Wolf honestly looked more interesting to me, but if you liked this you can see a longer Preview here.

Short Promos:

Vampire Knight

Summary: Not enough action
Sadly this looks to be more dramatic than I was hoping. With the words "Vampire" and "Knight" in the title one would assume that it would have some epic scenes in it but this focused more on character introduction which was a waste to me. Taking 1/3 of the trailer up to show a scrolling shot of a group of students standing together does more to waste time than it does to promote the show. With Soul Eater as its gothic rival this Spring it failed to push me to want to see it. You can check out the english Teaser Trailer which extends the music for you if you want with Karaoke.

Kamen no Maid Guy

Summary: Looks real bad
I've read a little bit of Kamen no Maid guy and it has a lot of humor, but this animation is pretty awful. So bad that watching this you can only guess what the character is going to look like with each passing scene. The character models look terrible and this should not be what they are trying to promote. This is the type of animation I would expect from a show thats run 120 episodes and they ran out of time in keeping with their weekly schedules. Not for a brand new anime.

Itazura na Kiss

Summary: Too short
This trailer for what it is, isn't bad. Its just 10 seconds of promotion time. Which they maximize with a cute voice actor, some decent character models and running the title date and time throughout so we could blink once and still see what we needed to see before its time was up. That is if it drew your attention in the first place. Which for me watching this on my tv, it wouldnt.


Summary: A Man's trailer
Its not an epic trailer but it does its job in 14 seconds. We get some explosions to start it off. Follow that with a shot of 3 women and then ended with more action. It appeals to we testicle sporting crowd quite well, but if you happened to not be of that gender its use of constantly shifting colors and then the presentation of an all black background behind the logo should be able to grab anybody. Its about as exploitive a trailer as one can get, but if it translates into viewers then that means they've done their job. The only hang ups I have are the fairly generic background music and the darkness which the 3d scenes are done. Its hard to make out what really is going on in those scenes.
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