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Teknoman Vs. Capcom

There once was a country called Australia. This country had a kids show named "Cheez TV". At one point, there was only one Anime ever shown , by the name of Sailor Moon. Sure it was kind of cool, but it felt girly and stupid. Many 8-13 year old boys were disheartened and began to turn away from Anime as a whole.

Then came TEKNOMAN!

And holy hell, that show brought the thunder. Guy in a robot suit versus space crabs. There was nothing else like it and everyone I know used to love the show (think the Macross/Robotech of the mid 90's, atleast for Australia). Everything about the show rocked and alot of people still fondly remember it being one of the best.

So yeah, what does this have to do with Capcom?

Gamestop gallery showing of my man, Teknoman. Proof that if it's from the same series, it doesn't need to be a clone.


I just really love the God damn theme song.

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