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THE UNCO0P - Get it in ya!

So hello Destructoid. Boy the years have changed you. I have no idea who most of these new editors and bloggers are. But I'm back and I'm sure that doesn't mean a great deal. So anyways I've been working on a video series with a friend rece...


Top 10 Moments in NO MORE HEROES

Ladies and gentleman it is upon us. The second coming of the man named Touchdown. All of us are awaiting this return with baited breath and alarming enthusiasm. For some of us it's bigger than a new Zelda, Halo or Final Fantasy. But why? ...


Teknoman Vs. Capcom

There once was a country called Australia. This country had a kids show named "Cheez TV". At one point, there was only one Anime ever shown , by the name of Sailor Moon. Sure it was kind of cool, but it felt girly and stupid. Many 8-13 year...


About madman0017one of us since 8:44 PM on 12.19.2008

What kinds of games do you play?

Anything and Everything. Generally though, they have to be pretty good to be worth my time </snob>

What are your favorites?

Top 10:

1. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2. No More Heroes
3. Okami
4. Beyond Good & Evil
5. Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64)
6. Half-Life 2
7. Tatsunoko vs Capcom (<3 fighting games)
8. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
9. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
10. Team Fortress 2 (ATM it's actually a bit of a Scout clusterfuck)

What are you playing now?

Team Fortress 2 (PC Version, this game is my bitch WARNING: SCOUT CLUSTERFUCK)
GTA IV (PC Version)