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Sonic 4 has the worst level in history

Watch that video. It is probably the most painfully bad levels I've seen in a long time. SEGA apparently doesn't want to make a game that doesn't have a gimmick so bad that it's painful. There are other videos located here that look bet...


Those Legion Ads

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that take up the entire screen, darkening the field of view until the little x button finally appears. Those ads are the most annoying ads I've ever seen on Destructoid. I am okay with all of t...


New Sonic Game Might Actually Be Good

It's going to be 2D, this is a step in the right direction. This is great news as I am currently trying to slog my way through Sonic 06 to prove that I'm manly and to laugh at the awful cutscenes. (Protip: Sonic 06 is the worst game ever,...


I suck at games: West of a White House

Leaflet in hand, I started my journey into the most dangerous land I had ever entered. I headed to the white house, to see if any people resided there despite its dilapidated appearance. No one answered my call, but as I searched the ext...


Persona 4 Ringtones

I know a lot of us here are Persona fans, so I figured I'd upload these ringtones I made the other day. They're in MP3 form, so you need a phone that can use those. Someone else feel free to convert them for other phones and I'll edit the l...


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