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The stereotype is true.

It's true what they say about black people placed in horror situations. They die first. If it's not at the beginning, then they will be the only one to die at the end. Now there are rare occasions where the black character will make it to the end, after several people around them have met their end. But chances are if the credits haven't rolled they will still die. Either it will be a surprise last attack by the antagonist, or they will sacrifice themselves to save someone else. In most cases it's a black guy saving a white woman. Well after playing Left 4 Dead I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is true.

Due to the fact that none of my friends have this game I've been killing zombies with the more than capable A.I. I was playing on No Mercy and we were doing pretty well. No one had been incapacitated. The only Witch we scared we killed without getting hit, and for the most part on Francis needed a health pack after getting the drag boot combo from a Smoker and his friends. We made it tot he roof, radioed for help and set ourselves up for the impeding horde ready to crush our hopes of rescue. This was my third time playing this mission because I was unable to finish it. Once because the game froze, and the second time because I was trying to avoid an exploding Boom and jumped off the roof as the helicopter left without me.

So any way back to the plan. I placed one of the gas cans in front of the door to use as a trap for the dead that planned on breaking it down. The other I placed next to the mini-gun on the roof for later use. I ran down called the chopper and headed back up to man the mini-gun. As the horde advanced from all side I cut the ones coming straight ahead in half with 3000 hated coated bullets a minute. The other four picked a side and blasted anything that moved. We handled the special infected with ease, and the only trouble came in the form of the Tank that climbed up to the roof. Bill got slammed into a wall while the rest of us emptied clip after clip into the hulking behemoth. When it was dead I aimed down and fired at the gas can causing it to explode setting everything in a certain radius on fire. With 5 minutes left I hoped back on the min-gun while the others continued to pop zombie heads. As I let the mini-gun cool down I heard the chopper pilot say her was making a landing. We were saved.

I stayed on the mini-gun to clear the horde that appeared to rain on our parade. As I laid into them, the other three survivors rushed to the chopper. I hoped off the mini-gun grab the gas can and high tailed it to the LZ. As Bill and Francis boarded the chopper Zoey got tackled from behind by a hunter. I tossed the gas can pulled up my shotgun and put that hooded freak back in the dirt. Zoey got up and ran to the chopper. No sooner than she got to the chopper I got bashed in the back by a giant piece of concrete. Another Tank had appeared and he was pissed. Sadly for me once the AI boards the chopper they don't get off. I was already low on health so that hate bomb he tossed knocked me to the ground. As I bled out the zombies surrounded me and gave me a prison style gang beatdown. I fired up into their faces, just trying to thin the herd so the thundering tank could finish me off. But what happened next is the reason why i'm not going to play the game again until my friends get it. I was on the ground next to the ramp up to the LZ. On the ramp was the gas can I chucked to rescue Zoey. I took aim....made my peace.... and screamed GO, GET TO THE CHOPPEEEERRRR...then fired through the crowd into the can. I really don't know what killed me. The fire or the burning Tank fist, but all I do know is it looked badass, and anyone there would have died laughing, because I know I did.

As my corpse lay there burn, and broken the chopper took off and flew on to a new beginning. Moments like these are why you need friends to be playing with you. It's cool to talk about them, but they would be so much better if you saw them first hand. But anyway. I had taken the least amount of damage throughout the campaign, killed the most zombies, got the most headshots, but got screwed over by Francis for the most special infected killed when he stole my Boomer kill. But the game and it's brilliant AI director realized the black guy was doing well, so it set into motion the events that led to my downfall. I'll be honest with you though. I kind of thought the fire couldn't hurt us, because several times flaming zombies have fallen on me and i never took any damage. But yeah anyone who has Left 4 Dead and is looking for a wise crackin, stereotype fillin Louis to add to your party just shoot me a message. It would be my pleasure and duty to die saving one of the other, white, survivors. LOL. Even though it would be more poetic to die saving Francis because I'm pretty sure he is a racists.
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