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comments about reviews

So, I read the reviews from time to time, because it's cool to see how someone forms an opinion on what I have not yet, or have, played. I argued when they said Army of Two was a load, because it was honestly fun the first few times I got...


On Ninja Gaiden 2...

I just want the simple explanation of WHERE THE FUCK DO THESE GUYS GET IDEAS FOR BOSSES!? It's like the whole of Team Ninja decided to drop LSD and do as much coke as possible while pulling an all-nighter of the first game, and then go b...


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I'm a long-time gamer from VA. I have 2 young daughters and holler in a rock and roll band.I play 360 almost exclusively now because of a lack of good PC and no desire to play the PS3 yet. I'm also working on my Communication Studies degree with a history minor. And bears.