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clarifications and fuck you's

Firstly, the fuck you's - any comments involving "this is a waste" or "you're entitled to an
opinion" should probably sit down at the "no fucking shit" table.

More importantly - I liked Too Human for a couple of reasons, but the biggest one is simply
that I wasn't bored. That, in and of itself, is reason enough for most of my enjoyment. I
thought the game looked good and mostly played well. Although using the guns in any
capacity was more difficult than necessary in any typical battle, they were cool and did the job
of letting me get close and knock some skulls around with my sword/hammer/staff/etc. It was
challenging, but essentially forgiving without being terribly easy. It was short enough to allow
me to play through it in a week, but long enough to have a full story; along the same lines, it
has quite a bit of replay value. The achievements made sense and weren't just random shit
tacked on (blow up 13 statues for no real reason - 10 points!).
What made it more worthwhile was not reading all the flaming shit about it before anyone had
actually played it and buying it on merit of the demo. The demo hooked me and the game
brought it full circle.
I would consider giving a full-on review, but honestly I have to go to work and won't want to
do this later. Later will be rum.
So that, in a nutshell, is why I liked it. There was some shit in it, for sure, but it was a fully
enjoyable game that delivered a dungeon-crawler-esque experience for someone without a
PC. And I like vikings, Norse mythology, robots and blowing shit up. Color me typecast.
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