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XBLA "full of sh*t" says Wii Software dev

And I agree, not because EC wasen't put up on XBLA, from what I've heard from other developers, apparently Microsoft is even making the royalties smaller.

Now I love the Xbox360 don't get me wrong, but well Microsoft should know that in the game industry they aren't giants, there is Nintendo and Sony.

And well Sony offers the best downloadable game service in my opinion, since you could make a 1giga game and offer it for only 5 dollars. And Nintendo's service is also great.

Nintendo will let you do your game if it's a good concept and review it when it's done, if it's crap they won't put it up.

However with Microsoft they won't give you the greenlight until they know everything about it, and well you could be in the middle of development and then get a NO for no reason, and not even manage to pitch it again.

Most XBLA developers I have talked to are all going to Wiiware, and stopping XBLA.

So well Microsoft do SOMETHING!!!
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