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Wikipedia is weird, and never really gets it right


However, Bernard later confirmed that the Nintendo DS version has been canceled.[4] Bernard is also considering releasing the game to PCs via Steam and the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store, though he insists the WiiWare version will still be the best iteration of the game because of the platform specific controls.

Huh? I think I said that in the past, before I planned to release it on steam also. But I mean since it's for aiming, the mouse is erm pretty good aswell, just as good as the Wiimote to be honest.

I mean if I managed to get past this lady at Sony to talk to the games departement, well for the PSN version it would be similar to geometry wars, moving with the right analog stick and shooting with the left, but I wouldn't be able to have charge ups, so some baddies would have to be changed.

Also I thought I confirmed EC for steam? wikipedia is weird

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