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Niko wants royalties

That’s because Mr. Hollick was paid only about $100,000 over roughly 15 months between late 2006 and early this year for all of his voice acting and motion-capture work on the game, with zero royalties or residuals in sight, he said.

Had this been a television program, a film, an album, a radio show or virtually any other sort of traditional recorded performance, Mr. Hollick and the other actors in the game would have made millions by now.


Now seriously, what the fuck? I may sound like a complete dick, but giving voice actors royalties over the game? I mean they could of picked any guy.

And 100 000$? Come on that's a good fucking pay.

Royalties should go to the game creators, not just a random guy that did a voiceover.

I'm just saying that the game industry is not the movie industry.

What is great about it, it doesn't need stupid celebrities or wannabe rockstars.

It's the franchises and games the celebrities, not the fucking controlled "celebs" that are in every other industry.

It's like rockstars and popstars, why are people so obsessed about them, when it's actually companies and hundreds of other people that make them a product, erm celebrity I mean.

Anyway, just saying that is stupid of that guy asking for royalties over a voiceover. Has he already spent all his 100 000$ on blow?

stupid stupid greedy motherfuckers, people really are greedy bastards
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