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Kingdom of Loathing Players!

This post concerns you, fo'srs. If you didn't know, there is a Destructoid clan in the Kingdom.I'm making this post for two reasons. The first is to make everyone aware OF the clan.

However, it's also to inform everyone in the clan or wishes to join it that the former clan leader, Eschatos, has been inactive. Why does that matter? Since I was the next highest ranked in the clan, the leadership has fallen on to me. Thus, I want to promote the clan and get it well known so we can be a respected clan over in that community.

If you HAVEN'T heard of Kingdom of Loathing, I highly suggest you check it out and play for a day or two. It's totally free, and all browser based. You can pay to get some items, or you can save up in game currency and buy them FROM the game.

So, tl;dr version. Come join the Dtoid clan, I'm the new clan leader, and play you some KoL.
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