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Microsoft thinks UK is 51st State.

Apparently some silly old sausage at Microsoft has shipped somewhere in the region of 20,000 American Xbox360s to good ol' Blighty by mistake. If only it were Nintendo so I could make a joke about imports and Super Paper Arseholes-on-toast...


What if Nintendo "did a SEGA"?

Let's say, hypothetically, Nintendo pulls a SEGA and jacks in the Hardware biz to become a 3rd party company, developing only games. It sounds at least like an idea worth considering, after all it worked for SEGA. The Sonic creators were ...


The sound of one hand... playing XBox?

Some bright young thing has created an Xbox 360 controller for a one-handed person. His blog tells us he built this by request for a serviceman injured in Iraq. It's a left-handed version which works by setting it on your knee. Thus, t...


Mario Kart Wii in time for Christmas?

N-Europe has posted an article. It says this: "Mario Kart for the Wii will be a "replacement" for Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Europe, which will sadly miss Europe this year, and it will be out early 2008 instead. However, this also means th...


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Scientology offers a pathway to greater freedom.

While the hope for such freedom is ancient, what Scientology is doing is new. The way it is organized is new. The technologies with which it can bring about a new state of being in man are likewise new.

Because Scientology addresses man as a spiritual being, it stands completely apart from other religions which see man as a product of his environment or his genes — fixed in the limitations under which he was born.

Rather, Scientology is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life. Based upon the tradition of fifty thousand years of thinking men, it is built upon the fundamental truths of life. From these principles, exact methods by which one can improve conditions were derived; and unlike other efforts of improvement, which offered only rules by which men should live, Scientology offers real tools for use in everyday life. Thus, it does not depend upon a system of beliefs or faith. The emphasis is squarely on an exact application of its principles toward the improvement of one’s life and the world in which we live.