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Mega Update! 48 games to go!

Sorry this is a bit late Dtoid, been busy keeping my affairs in order and what not. Luckily I'm still as busy as something that is occupied all the time, and have several new games to talk about on my way to beating 60 games I have never beaten before! Sorry for no variety in this one though, Mega Man was really working for me, but I have this funny feeling that I just played this game 3 times in a row...

Mega Man 6 Ė Date beat Feb. 6


Seems like Iím a bit on fire with Mega Man games and 6 went down quite easily! Overall this game was easy, but a bit tedious. They pretty much handed E tanks like candy in this game and the levels fall off a little short, especially the Mr. X and Wily's castle stages. Although if the stages were longer I doubt I like this game as much as I did. Honestly a lot of this game just felt uninspiring, maybe it was the oblivious,Ē MR. X is Dr. WILYĒ plot that just really set the mood to, ďYa, just another Mega Man game, ehĒ. Or maybe it was coming to realize that Plant Man is totally a thing, and not a joke. Or the over use of Rush Jet Adapter and Rush Power Adapter to make levels have options that way. Really a lot of the game was just lazy.
But for what a lazy game this was, I still think itís better than 8 or Mega Man and Bass. Now hear me out on this part. The thing about Mega Man 8 was how the level design was about trial and error and overall how it dragged on. Mega Man 6 on the other hand is short and easy to manage, making it an easier game to swallow, not to mention how it has my beloved E tanks. As for Mega Man and Bass, well I rather have a lazy game over a broken one, and yes Iím still quite mad at King Jet. I will admit that MM&B is still a decent game, but only when you play has Bass, but heís not Mega Man so as a Mega Man game it doesnít work nearly as well.

Conclusion: Mega Man 6 is a very lazy game, but it still manages to be decent enough to pass. Itís short and easy, but this works for MM6 as a double edge sword as if it was either just one or the other itís likely that it wouldnít be as ďgoodĒ as it is now. Still though, we know Capcom can do better.

Mega Man 5 Ė Date beat Feb. 8


BLARGH! This game is so annoying! Just everything about it reminds me of all the Mega Man tropes I hate! The levels are full of trial and error, especially Proto and Wily's castle! The fact there is two castles doesnít help to begin with either! The game constantly damages you and gives you a lot drops making it both easy and difficult pending on your luck. The weapons are next to useless, either they take up way too much energy, or are difficult to aim, or simply just bad altogether. The charged Mega Buster honestly is the only worthwhile weapon out of all of them, and it gets annoying to use because the sound it constantly makes. Also a lot of the enemies require a full charged buster shot a lot of the time, making this game longer than it should with a constant charging and going only to stop and charge again!
Not to mention that the difficulty of this game is all over the place! Bosses ,for the large part of the game, are easy! Wily is simply pathetic in all his forms and the only challenge I got were from Charge Man, Gravity Man, and Dark Proto Man. As well Dark Protoman is crazy overpowered! About 5 shots from his buster will kill Mega Man, making the battle tedious to memorize his pattern. Not to mention his weaknesses are either hard to aim or donít do much. The stages are a constant mess of difficult ranging from super easy to hair pulling hard! Wave man's stupid shoot'em up part of the stage was horribly executed, why can't I use E tanks? WHY!?!? And don't get me started on Protoman's Castle! That thing was so infuriating! It was just a giant mess of annoying and difficult stages to deal with! Then I get to Wily's Castle then suddenly its back to easy town! Honestly by the time I was done with Mega Man 5, I didnít like the game.

Conclusion: Mega Man 5 was a badly designed game and I donít like it. The difficultly goes here or there, and the weapons arenít worth the time and effort like they usually are. The two castles system is annoying as ever and I really donít like how cheap the buster is in this game.

Mega Man 4 Ė Date beat Feb. 14


Going straight into 4 I knew Iíd liked it more than 5 or 6, but it certainly didnít wow me. With the introduction to the charge shot it wasnít as broke as it was in Mega Man 5 nor nearly as annoying with the sound. The music was pretty good and the bosses were all difficult to a good degree. I honestly could see myself playing 4 again just to go through it or speed run it. But I still have two other Mega Man games to go, and MM7, 9, and 10 are far more fun as a whole.
As for what I didnít like in this game, well, Ring manís stage comes to mind. The fact that it not only throws 4 mini bosses at you and several tricky platforms in the beginning wasnít enough, they give you the hardest robot master to deal with in the end. Ring manís stage just felt like a total rom hack, and itís one of my least favorite stages in the classic series. Speaking of unfavorable things, the two castle system arrives again, but this being its first original outing it wasnít so bad. Cossack's castle sucks if only for the lousy checkpoint system and Wilyís castle is pretty forgettable. Both castles werenít bad, but they certainly felt tedious. For the big part of it though, 4 is the most average Mega Man game of the bunch, plenty of things that work for and against it.It's just THE cookie cutter Mega Man.

Conclusion: Mega Man 4 is a very average game, and doesnít really excel in anything really. Aside from adding another castle and a charge shot, nothing was really new, and itís quite forgettable at most.
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