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Catching up with Feb. New Years Resolution

Well it seems like school is catching up with me Dtoid. Another late report, but I'm not off the case just yet, hopefully Ill finish up the next 3 games that I have beaten after these ones. Luckily this time these games aren't Mega Man games, so yay, break time! After these though, its straight back to some Mega Man, heheh. Anyway Dtoid thanks for listening. 45 games left to go!

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Ė date beat Feb. 17


Having lucked out at a recent run at gamestop, I found Dawn of Sorrow and knew I had to play it! Being the first DS Castlevania game and sequel to Aria of Sorrow I knew Iíd like it at least. But as soon as I loaded up the game I realized how little I remembered from Aria of Sorrow, barely remembering the army dude and Soma and completely forgetting everything else. On the other hand the game played exactly how I remembered Aria of Sorrow played. The story was more interesting this time around with an evil cult trying to bring back Dracula through the dark candidates which were miles better than the villain in AoS. The characters most certainly had a bigger impacted on me compared to Aria of Sorrow considering I actually wanted to get the good ending because the ending I got was just so dumb I had to find the better one!

Which brings me to my next point, how was I supposed to know how to open the doors for the spirits you obtain? You only see them twice in the game and itís never explained in the actual game. I didnít care to look in the manual because I thought it had some significant to the plot, but nope! That is really my one big complaint of DoS, as the other times I got stuck I realized how stupid I was being or how I overlooked something. The rest of the game was great though because it was all about exploring and learning boss patterns which I love and it was always challenging along the way. The game difficult was just right, and the fact that there is so much game content I havenít even touched makes me happy that I have something to go back too. Got to say I enjoyed Dawn of Sorrow far more than Aria of Sorrow, although I could do without the gimmicky touch screen seals.

Conclusion: Dawn of Sorrow left a far bigger impression on me than Aria of Sorrow, and I donít think itís because I played it last. No, Dawn of Sorrow actually builds on the characters while still delivering the same fast paced gameplay and exploration I have come to know and love about this series.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Ė date beat Feb.18


Meet Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Wii. That may seem like a backhanded comment, but thatís the reason why I like this game. Admittedly it doesnít have the same charm as 8 bit games usually do, but this game makes many callbacks to SMB3. For one thing the Koopa kids finally make their return to the Mario universe again, and all their quirks are still there and as fun as ever. The music also makes a lot of cues from SMB3, and considering that SMB3 had some of the best gaming music ever in turn makes NSMB Wii have some amazing music. The game is also challenging like SMB3, not only are the levels and enemies difficult from time to time, but you canít save till you beat a castle, with this simple element, 1ups and items become far more important and really makes you tense when you are on those last lifes! And if youíre still not satisfied there are branching paths and star coins to collect to make your life in NSMB Wii all the more difficult! Nearly everything about this game makes fans of the original SMB3 nostalgia all over again.
So why didnít fans or myself gush all over it? Well itís honestly just more of the same. There is just something missing or offbeat about NSMB Wii, that doesnít compare to SMB3. Perhaps Iím just too old to appreciate it as much as I did when I was 6 playing SMB3. Or maybe itís because the physics feel very weird to me, and donít response like I think they will. Really it just falls short compared to SMB3, and unlike Super Mario World which gave so many secrets and so many levels then you knew what to deal with, NSMB Wii just doesnít give enough and merely feeds to nostalgia. The quality itself isnít bad, but itís not inspiring, like a copy cat, for what once was there but now is gone. Iíll admit that Co-op makes this game far more interesting and challenging to a whole new degree, but single player should really provide more than it did.

Conclusion: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a copycat of Super Mario Bros. 3, and while that isnít exactly a bad thing, the fact that it doesnít provide a lot of new and interesting things to deal with or play with is. Never the less the nostalgia I felt playing this game was a treat, but not enough for me to like this game more than its predecessor(s).

Sonic Rush Adventure Ė date beat Feb. 20


Having played Sonic Rush and a little of adventure I was looking forward to playing this game once I got it. Boy was I surprised how fast I beat it too. I suppose it is as long as the advance series and rush were, but I think the reason I beat it so fast was the fact the game isnít difficult to any degree, save for the chaos emeralds. And as a long time Sonic fan I have to say the levels arenít memorable or nearly as fun as the past levels in other handheld Sonic games. This again steams from the difficulty, as I pretty much Blazed (lol pun) through each level and whenever I died I simply restart from a varies amounts of checkpoints throughout the level. The game is extremely generous to the point that game overís are simply ďtry again screenĒ and your back at the exact Act you were last time. Canít say the game wasnít fun, it totally was, but itís not nearly as rememberable as past handheld games were.
I also have to say the story was bad, terrible bad. The fact that Marine is with you throughout the whole story and with a constant heavy accent that Iím pretty sure is offensive to some degree just doesnít make this story enjoyable. Little alone is this story really interesting to began with, but it just feels really sloppy. The antagonists, Johnny and whiskers, are also rather dull, and the actual antagonist(s) doesnít even show up through the main story, which feels rather shoe horned. Overall a lot of this game is forgettable but there is one saving grace that I love about this game, transportation mini games! I loved playing the wave rider, ship, and hovercraft mini games. It gave Adventure a much needed variety to it.
Wave riding is fun, and fast paced. The ship mini game is an interesting defending mini game in which you shoot other ships and ammo to make sure you stay alive to reach the goal, and the hovercraft game I swear is a callback to space harrier. The only complaint I have for transportation games are getting the chaos emeralds and the submarine mini game which is just a hassle, luckily these are either optional or not overused so the good truly out ways the bad.

Conclusion: Sonic Rush Adventure wasnít challenging, and that is the biggest reason why I donít find it as enjoyable as other handheld Sonic I have played in the past. While the transportation mini games are very fun and have a good amount of variety, it doesnít put adventure over any other handheld Sonic game I have played.
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