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So Gamera is in King of the Monsters now. Hooray for friend to all children!LMAO


I played some MTGA tonight. Made myself a control deck because OF COURSE only I am allowed to have fun in a card game. But that doesn't mean I should be alone in my love of control! In the comments below are beta invites for 5 lucky persons! Enjoy!


And just like that, the prime day page died. the end.


TIL Dont talk about fighting game balance because most of the people involved in it are freaking idiots and because they're usually designed in a way that makes it impossible to not have shit game designs. Yay.


Binging G Gundam right now. Its big, dumb, melodramatic, and absolutely awesome! God i love you Domon Kasshu. Also KYYYYYOOOJJJIIIIII!!!!


Works as a cake, and also as a weapon of mass xenos destruction. Happy Birthday JC Dent!


Sorry for the double post. This was the game i was trying to show off.


Fuck my life. I am to sick to do anything. Even see my girlfriend. Pillow, can I hump you for a few minutes and then fall asleep?


You know what i like? not being able to set your own controls as the default controls and having to CONSTANTLY make sure your shit is set to YOUR PROFILE like some garbage ass console profile shit! I like you RoA, but the way you handle controls is awful!


I cant do it. Pillars of Eternity and other CRPGs are cool and all, but KOTOR ruined me on those style of games years ago. I just hate clicky clicky top down RPGs. Let me control my party like KOTOR does it and in 3rd person and we're good.


YAY! Tomorrow I have a job interview. I'm pretty nervous right now but I'm pretty excited if I get it. It's full time so that means a decent paycheck. Wish me luck.


Yeah, I think Im roguelike'd out for the forseeable future. Just the repetitiveness and the knowledge that beating the game is mostly unattainable is just too much of a buzzkill. Not even Slay the Spire can make me like the genre again. Sorry buddy.


Somebody help me! Im reading Full Ahead Coco and I cant stop! Its too fucking good!!


So Nintendo can ban online features used in PHYSICAL COPIES that were used to create back-ups. That doesnt sound too alarming until you realize unscrupulous pirates can sell those games to Gamestop and people can accidentally buy unplayable games. WTF?!


Scrolls is back as fan-run game Caller's Bane! No money transactions here! Just good ol fashioned gold and booster grind, like GBC Pokemon TCG intended. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did playing it years ago. https://callersbane.com/


I think ive just about reached peak Fortnite Switch saturation. I dont have much left to do before I get The Visitor skin, but I feel like Ive done most of what i want to do. Unfortunately, that crummy shooting and lack of gyro controls really hurts ALOT.


I picked up ANOTHER Zelda game today for cheap. This time a cart only copy of Hyrule Warriors for $40. AKA "The best stoner game ever!" I totally plan to veg out every once in awhile, just fucking up bokoblins with my awesomeness. Beautiful!


YAY to shitty fucking saturday! I do love it when people cant take 2 seconds out of their lives to say some words about planning shit out. I need to get out of this loser place Im in and somewhere where actual functioning human beings live. TO THE MOON!HA


MMMMMM Bastard!! Feels good to be watching quality sword and sorcery anime again.


Yeah I agree, the gunplay in Fortnite pretty abominable coming from a company that made its name in shooting games. The only excuse I can give it is that the game was made with PVE in mind first....and thats about it. Hoping it gets better later on.


As for game of the show, I'm going to give it to Starlink. I know there are games that are probably better than it being shown. But its the fact that its a game that probably shouldnt be good at ANY level and yet it is that has me excited for it.


OMFG! Why is October so fucking CROWDED?! Starlink, Mega Man 11, Super Mario Party, the Lina Inverse Nendoroid. Is the world trying to fucking bankrupt me?!!Im sure theres more coming too, but that month alone feel WAY TOO CROWDED than what it needs to be


Sorry to tell you this Torchman but Daemon x Machina might not be the robot hero we were looking for. It looks REALLY BORING despite being very neat looking. I dont know if AC PS3 was like this but I kind of expected a little more.


Digging Fortnite on Switch more than i ever did on PC. its more that i hated the tacked on Epic launcher that i never used for anything. just really digging being able take my pc account on there. now give me gyro controls dammit!


Well this just got bought! image in comments because I dont know how to make this Qtoid image shit to work.


All I know is Spaceships. See you barrel rolling space cowboy.


Netrunner is cancelled folks. Rumors speculate having to do with Wizards of the Coast asking for more money. Only things for sure is it's dead. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/8/jacking-out/


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