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guitar hero

guitar hero the game and site have officially fucked me off as god knows how much i'v been playing the game to satisfy my boredom, i still havent had any of my scores uploaded and the last update that is recored on there is when i was drunk...


boredom of F.O.F

ok its official, frets on fire is a shit knock off version of GH for the p.c but with crap songs, crap boring and not-even-worth-my-time graphics. whoever made this game, go jump off a cliff and forget the parachute! you are probably the ...


About lolly-popone of us since 8:51 AM on 03.17.2008

hey people this is lolly =]

i play all different types of games that will keep me amused!!
i have a short attention span that keeps people always amused especially when i get bored and fustrated.....

i hate websense, as it has blocked most of the fun stuff out of my life....like FUN games on the net, now being able to check half of my profiles accrosee the worldy widely webby, which sucks hard monkey penis with extra cheese.

if you wish to know me further ask me a question which interests you (and hopefully me) and i will answer any (yes ANY) that you wish to know about me, myself and my boring little life...

=X lolly-pop X=