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About lolita himeone of us since 11:11 PM on 02.05.2010

So, I'm ady. Nineteen. Casual gamer. Starting gaming when I was...*takes a few minutes to remember* Shit, when I was four. On the sega game gear. Played me some sonic. I'm pretty sure I never beat any games on that system. Played on sega mega drive/genesis. Also mostly sonic. Had a real shitty NES. Goddamn gun for the duck game never worked. When the nintendo 64 came out, Zelda and Star Fox and Mario came into my life. Played pokemon on my game boy starting 3rd grade. Didn't play much other than kingdom hearts and FF10 in my jr. high days. Once I started dating Jakey I started playing more. Currently I'm just playing on my ds because of college. =/ Favorite games definately zelda: ocarina of time and kingdom hearts because they really impacted my life. Lately, I've been playing l4d2, mw2, really mainstream titles.

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