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Ok so I beat the game for realsies this time! Last boss did not disappoint. What a banger!


So about that... turns out this wasn’t the end of the game xD


Alright boys and girls, final boss of Nioh 2 is next. My precious hatchets have tasted the blood of everything the game has thrown at me so far, onto the final feast I suppose!


Nioh 2 is a long game holy heck :0


Whelp, didn’t expect Nioh 2 to be such a tragic game. Music is fucking amazing though, like no joke, brilliant.


Don't know who gave this guy his ninja license tbh...


Starting to put a real dent in Nioh 2 now. Done with Chapter III (dunno how many there are though :p) Starting to feel pretty strong too!


My reaction when I tried a handcanon in Nioh 2 for the first time and disintegrated the poor fool with such power a new smallest particle came into existence.


K so the most difficult thing thus far in Nioh 2, by a long shot, has been one of the fucking sub-mission fights of all things >_< Wasn't even a real boss lmao. Took me like, more than 2 hours UwU


Never really felt attracted to Nioh for some reason but Nioh 2 is fun as heck!


Fuck me Nioh 2 has a lot of systems. How the fuck am I gonna even utilise 10% of the tools on a first playthrough haha. Gonna have to rinse this one thoroughly :p


Decided to pick up Nioh 2. Runs at 60fps on a base PS4, thanks TN ❤️ for shipping an action game with a playable framerate. So far it’s a blast. A lot less frustrating than I anticipated. Evolves the ”Souls combat” quite a bit. Two gripes though


Max is a great dood but he accidentally ranked the Soulsborne games in the wrong order. Fixed his mistake in the comments. Come have a look and see how you might be wrong too!


Silent Hills lives??? I would never play it but I would watch ppl shit their pants on YouTube for sure :)


Tbh, must be a good time to be a full time Twitch streamer right now.


RIP E3? Not surprising at this point tbh.


Rewatched Gravity Falls. God damn it’s good.


Suddenly got a serious craving for a top down, squad-based, tactical RPG in the vein of XCOM/Shadowrun, set in the Mass Effect universe.


Omg. The end of that BG3 presentation 😂


So fucking hype for the BG3 reveal tonight!!


So the quarterly Diablo IV update was very meh. It's clear they're developing this for a casual console audience instead of a more in-depth PC experience, so I guess I'll just forget about it.


Just wanted to say y'all's Fifa memes are sweet <3


Been watching some amazing Dreams creations on YouTube and I'm just overflowing with ideas of what to make. It's too much!!


You know what really annoys me about Diablo III? 95% of all the games like it that has come out since just look exactly like it. It's like these devs never heard the words art direction before.


So apparently a game "not being a games as a service" type game is now marketing :p


Ok, you were right. That there Dark Crystal thing was pretty neat. My hot take: Hup >>> Baby Yoda.


Point and click, until it’s done.


Just read in a review that the DC tactics game has optional grinding. Welp, there died my interest.


Couldn’t comment on the post for obvious reasons so making my own :p I guess the only thing that would be cooler is if it was also Two-sday.


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