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FUCKING SPACEMARINE 2 LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ran through Dread again on Hard Mode. Wish this would've been available from the start but it's not like I wasn't enjoying a second playthrough. Awesome game.


Finished up Dread, thoughts in comments!


Aight, got the final items, started on the final boss before bed. Not so bad so far. Will finish up tomorrow!


Trying to get 100% items in Dread before I finish the game. Up until now, I’d say the game was a 3/10 for difficulty. Getting some of these items though? 9/10 yikes.


Made it to the finale of Dread. Just gonna go back for all the items before I wrap this up. Enjoyable game, perhaps not a stellar Metroid though, as such. More thoughts when I’m done.


Just back from Dune. Had a blast 👌🏻


Nice, R&C is on sale… only $86 🤡


4 hour time limit? Heavy drinking? Not a problem apparently. Super proud of this drunk speed paint 😬


It’s not a Gundam but pretty close I guess. Really liked painting this one up! :D


Been a while since I picked up the paint brush but I’ve really enjoyed working on this one.


I just found the actual flight my friend was on, from Detroit to Tampa, in Flight Simulator and flew along side it. My mind has been thoroughly blown.


When they announced Halo Infinite would have F2P multiplayer I was so disappointed but it sounds like they're handling it in the best possible way. No paid progression!


I was kind of keen on playing Rift Apart until I found out it's $102 USD for the digital edition. Think I'll wait for a sale haha.


Um.... I've been gone for a few days. Did we do a site upgrade or something?


Congrats RiffRaff. The right song won 🤘🏻😎


Anyone have any experience with third party Switch "joy-cons"? I got a Hori Split Pad Pro but it's just awful lol. Can't really find anything else though, is there really nothing?


I tried to play MH:World but really wasn’t feeling it, but Rise is fun, for the most part. Really don’t enjoy the Stronghold stuff but I’ve actually managed to get into a MH game. I’m impressed :p


How have you guys not posted this already?


58 hours later and that’s Ghost of Tsushima done. What a game and an absolute treat on the PS5. My expectations were blown away. Wasn’t perfect, but it was so much FUN!


Slowly carving my way through Tsushima, one Mongol at a time. This here is Bob. He had just started his orientation at Mongol Inc and was assigned to a small Farm in Izuhara. The union won’t be happy about his workplace accident.


So... my 5 months old PSU blew up last night. I've gotten a new one to install later. Fingers crossed it didn't fry any of the other components...


I'm late to the party with Ghost of Tsushima but I'm just in love with the combat. What style of play did you go for? I find myself steering hard away from the stealth because the samurai fantasy is just amazing.


Finally started Ghost of Tsushima. Had a wonderful time, then found the most disappointing aspect of a game in a long time. I’m devastated 😔


Played through a good chunk of It Takes Two tonight with the gf. We like the previous games but this one is the best so far. A real banger! I hope more people play this, it’s a couch co-op dream!


Just watched Raya and The Last Dragon. Seriously beautiful animation, wow.


Welp, that was incredibly underwhelming. Thanks Sony xD


Dear lord that Diablo 2 remaster looks like absolute trash. I'm actually IMPRESSED!


Was talking about BotW 2 with some people the other day and played around with the though of Zelda having the entire Triforce. I may have had a little too much fun with it 👀


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Hail from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, on the Game Boy initially. My first game was called Jelly Boy, it was awesome (it was probably not awesome).

Raised on Blizzard and Nintendo games, later GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. Zelda games and the Metal Gear Solid series holds a special place in my heart.

Used to play a load of shareware games that came with random magazines when I was a kid. On my mighty powerful PC with all of 66Mhz and 580MB HDD space. Mind blown, I know!

Gems such as Tubular Worlds, Elf Bowling and Micro Man I remember fondly. I must have also sunk hundreds of hours into the Duke Nuke'em 3D Demo.

My late teen years were utterly consumed by World of Warcraft, probably the best time of my gaming life. I know many people don't feel the same way but the things I've done and people I've met I treasure dearly.

These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

When I'm not gaming I'm in the dojo, honing my skills. Martial arts have always been important to me and I could not go without the balance it brings to my life.

I've been coming to Destructoid since I moved away from home in 2009 and never thought of leaving. This place is home <3