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Finding Your Place In The World (Part 1)


I have always been very comfortable in only my own company. I have always liked the night. There is something peaceful about the dark and quiet, especially so when enjoying a good game. I guess that, to some people, this sounds like the worst thing ever ( minus the good game ofc! ). We all have a place like this though, I imagine, where we feel utterly at ease and could stay forever. Wherever they may be.

This is in the real world but for me, it also extends to some of the games I play. Not all of them mind, I can't say that I found many locations in Amnesia: The Dark Descent that weren't thoroughly unsettling for example! Some games however, particularly those that involve a lot of exploring, will present you with all manner of nooks and crannies, or larger locales for that matter. Places that for one reason or another make you feel at home, be it the house you built in Minecraft or huddled up near the bonfire in Firelink Shrine.

Here are some of mine...

World of Warcraft 

To 14-year old me, being thrust into the huge expanse that is Azeroth, in full 3D and with free reins to go anywhere I wanted, was just about the most amazing thing I had ever experienced in a game. I would spend years exploring this world and it feels as much like home to me as the house I grew up in at this point. Most people who have any sort of experience involving a MMO or the like will be familiar with the term "idling". Simply put, just kicking about doing nothing in particular, often waiting either for friends to come online or for an event to start. To me it was just as much a part of the game as any other.

During downtime I would often visit one of the many places I liked in particular, just to relax. There was the quaint little town of Lakeshire, hidden away up in the Redridge Mountains. It sat on one end of Lake Everstill, consisted of a stable and smithy, a town hall, an inn and a florist's humble abode. It was home to the likes of Bellygrub, a boar with a particularly nasty temper and Wiley the Black, a shady fellow with connections. A stone bridge being perpetually repaired connected the road coming from Elwynn Forest in the south to the one leading north, towards Burning Steppes. For some reason I always enjoyed spending time here, perched atop the bridge, looking over the lake and listening to the familiar tune of the soundtrack.

Another place I could sit in for hours was the inn of the small village of Brill, just outside the gates of the Undercity in the Tirisfal Glades. This place was largely insignificant despite its proximity to one of the game's major cities. Passed through by low level players to never be visited again by the vast majority. It did however sport one of my favourite pieces of tavern music ( of which there are many btw! ), Gallow's End.

There are enough of these places that I could bore you all to death but let's not do that. I'll just quickly mention places like the snowy peaks of Winterfall, the roiling planes of Arathi Highlands or the eerie ruins of Grim Batol. You could find me in Darkshire or the gardens of Stormwind, quietly contemplating one thing or another. Perhaps, if you were lucky, even high atop the bluffs of Mulgore :)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are many places in the snowy lands of Skyrim that I have fond memories from exploring. One place in particular spoke to me more than any other though. In the sewers beneath the town of Riften lay the hideout of the infamous Thieve's Guild. They made their home deep within its tunnels in a large cistern. Where they had a pub set up called the Ragged Flagon. There is something deeply fascinating to me about places that are very unexpectedly situated, or sneakily hidden away under the nose of everyone else. I love the idea of a hideout like this ( tbh, my biggest dream is like, having a hidden room behind a bookshelf or something. Who doesn't want that!? ).


Master thief and professional wisecracker Garrett cannot only rob you blind, he's also pretty good at making a cozy home for himself. Be it in a modest apartment, strategically situated next to his landlord's or hidden away in the very top of a massive clock tower, Garrett knows how to make it homey! A lot of people didn't like the latest entry in the series but personally, I loved it. I really enjoyed creeping around town and exploring every possible crevice you could think of. I also loved just hanging out in the clock tower. Not much to do up there but it didn't matter really, it was like living inside a hug <3

So, do You also like to find a quiet hideaway for yourself in games or am I just crazy? Let me know some of your best spots! =)

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