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Introductions, the community and words


Hello fellow dtoiders, my name is Lauro, Iím from Portugal and I love dtoid, Iíve been a regular on the site for a while, even though I never really talk or interact that much in the comment section of the site, Iíve had an account for years and I think I have only posted over 200 comments, I mostly stick it to the forums. But Iíve stuck around dtoid since 2008/2009, canít really remember the year, I mostly just lurked around the front page even tried to join the forums once, saw something crazy there and ran away (it was some sort of chat, you know what Iím talking about). Today Iím a more regular basement dweller although I donít always hang there for lack of time, since Iím a college student and time or patience isnít always a thing I have, I even lurk there from time to time.

As everyone that hangs around here, I love videogames, Iíve been playing them since I was a kid, but Iím not sure which game was my first, I remember playing a lot of Amiga games in my neighbor's house, I played a lot of Pang!, James Pond and some others that I canít really recall at the moment. Aside from Amiga, I mostly played on a PC(never had any console till way later) that my sister had for school and there I played some classic windows games that came with the OS and demos from games such as Hocus Pocus, which was a platformer in which you played as a wizard and it was a tough game, the game had 9 levels and it was the game I played the most, I only managed to beat it 3 or 4 times, that last mage boss was really though.

The thing about Hocus Pocus is that I always thought it was the full game, so it was a shock to find out that there were in fact many more levels after those 9 that I played. I found this about 10 years later, managed to get a copy of the game that a friend had but never managed to beat it, heck, I had trouble getting to that 8th level, so, naturally, I didnít even get to try and play more of that game, because I had more shiny and recent games to play, such as Quake 3 an Unreal Tournament.

And that brings me to the genre of games Iíll always love and never stop playing: FPSís as I was growing up I always liked to play FPSís and RTSís on the PC, but I was always more interested in RTSís and they kept me engaged, I could spend hours playing Dune 2000 or Starcraft, I also like to play Warcraft 1 and 2 among some other RTSís. But as I grew older I tended to stop wanting to plan and strategize to just want to shoot things and be dumb, I played a lot, but a lot of Quake 3 Arena, that was my jam for many years. And of course over the years I played a lot of other FPSís that I still go back and play from time to time, like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. It wasnít until Call of Duty 4 that I got really into the online and playing competitively, sure I had played games online before, but never really cared much about it, I would play many times against bots or just single-player, but COD4 was the one that made me connect with more people.

So much in fact that by the time Mordern Warfare 2 came out, I joined a clan to play it as a team, against other teams. Iíve been a member of that clan ever since, I found a family there and even though I donít compete anymore, I am proud and love the people there. To me, the culmination of belonging to a community found a meaning in being part of that clan, the conversations over teamspeak, the meetings, the parties, the people, it all made me love even more what I see that dtoid has. Because Iíve seen and read many interactions and stories of fellow dtoiders and they are exactly what I experience with my clan, itís really touching to see such a big community being together and doing crazy stuff for fellow buddies, Iím sad that Iíve never had the opportunity to experience that first hand, so Iíll keep myself content by just having, feeling and experience it online, because the internet is helping us stay connected and that is an awesome thing.
Even though Iím not the most active member of the community, I see, read and listen to much of the community does, Iím much more active on twitter where I talk to a bunch of members but when it comes to the site, I lack a lot in that department. Thatís part of the reason of why I wanted to write a C-Blog, even though I have had an idea to write one for a long time, but that involves playing a few games that I still need to play, so Iím not sure when Iíll be able to do that.

Recently Iíve had the opportunity to participate in the Menage a Toid podcast and it was a blast to be part of such a good idea, a podcast made of several members, with a rotating cast. That can bring a lot of energie and different strokes to an involved project with several people and we get to get to know a bit more of fellow dtoiders, so thatís always a plus.

As Iíve said before, I do listen to some community podcasts, so being in the 1st episode with Glowbear and Panza from Scary Granules and Used from the LowTier was like being among friends that I havenít seen in a while, since I already knew the voices. Of course, Iím a bit shy and I do have a low voice tone (as my TS friends keep telling me) so I did seem a lot quieter and shy. Iím also not the best speaker, even in Portuguese, so even though I read and write in English everyday (many times more that in Portuguese) I still lack the practice and that leaves me uncomfortable sometimes. But as it is with everything, itís not something that canít be overcomed with practice and I would very much like to be in another episode again when my time allows for it, because I really like talking with people, even though I donít always seem like that.

So yeah, writting isnít my forte, not even in Portuguese and thatís why Iíve never done a C-Blog before, Iíve read and read other C.Blogs, but I hope that this is just the beginning because I did enjoy writing this and I always want to be more involved.
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