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Ragga Rum + Thank you R*

So I am blessed enough to receive gifts from various game publishers, devs etc. But none of them rank up there with the care packages courtesy of Rockstar (buy GTA IV). From the epic shirt I got for the Warriors. (buy GTA IV) To the N1K...


Stop what you're doing.

And go download the XNA Creators Club demo if you haven't already. But if you're reading a c-blog on Dtoid at ten at night on a Monday, logic would point to the conclusion that you have already done so. Next, if you haven't already, dow...


NOTE TO EA: Acquire me!

As I'm sure you have read, EA is in the midst of trying, and failing, and trying yet again to acquire Take Two studios, to the tune of 2 billion motherfucking dollars. God damn, it's obvious they are willing to throw around a fuck ton of c...


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