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My gaming set-up

Hello video game pals. It's been a long time. What's new? As usual, I am spending most of my times these days getting grody in the shop, making fake dead animals and slopping fake blood on myself. I've also been muddling my way throug...


Condemned 2 Early Impressions

If the first Condemned had a target audience, it was me. I love exploring derelict urban environments, I have a crushing fear of the homeless, and I love hammering the faces of my enemies with Home Depot merchandise. So I was understandab...


Crotch Shot

Since the days of Chun Li's scandalous battlewear I've been pausing games to glimpse the elusive panty sprite or butt pixel. That was before Itagaki made that practice basically pointless and before you could make video game girls pole dan...


Two Assassins Creedses

My friend Brett made a movie when he was twelve called "Two Indiana Joneses." You can probably guess that it featured him and a friend both pretending to be Indiana Jones. Well, I got to enjoy my own taste of protagonist duplicity last ni...


Aperture Science Wants You

One of my friends brought something strange to dinner last night. No, not a shaker full of nut dander to garnish his pasta. It was one of those telephone pole ads. You know, the kind with little paper tabs at the bottom sporting phone nu...


Uncharted Demo Impressions

Even though my nifty new PS3 news ticker is still just scrolling "Playstation(R)Network News," I managed to orienteer my way through the woody wilds of the Playstation Store to find the Uncharted demo this morning. I now have to add this t...


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Rogue taxidermist, prop making guy, gamer. I am more beard than man.

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