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Test: NZXT Phantom 820

NZXT does not really change the codes of its Phantom range and takes what made the success of the Phantom 410. But beware, this Phantom 820 is double the first to support XL-ATX boards. Attention, Fatso ghost coming!
There was a moment we had not done testing towers like this. So we take our tools to mount the NZXT Phantom 820 produced by special large format. To 15 Kg load, this beautiful beast dressed all in white is impressive both its size and its wheelbase with 65 cm high and 61.2 cm deep and 23.5 cm wide. Available in three colors, white as our test model, matte black or metallic gray, this case supports the Dell 310-6321 Battery motherboards of all sizes, mini-ITX (yes, it's possible) to XL-ATX .

A closed door with a magnetic button just hide four slots 5.25 "with a clever mesh grid system for easy removal. Behind this door, just above these locations, there is an SD card reader, a button for lighting white LED on the rear panel, a dial to adjust the color of the LED housing and finally a button extinguishing general lighting. front panel, or rather above, proposes to him two ports USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports, a pair of button for starting and restarting the configuration, and a couple of jacks for audio. Always on the same panel, we also note the presence of a control system for fans. Pushing the "S" button to change the selection of the fan and the buttons "+" and "-" change the speed. We will see later in our test that the lowest speed attainable is the Dell 312-0664 complete cessation of fans to switch phantom ...

To continue our tour of the property, we note the presence of four passes, large diameter pipes, dust filters on all slots fans (one in front and 20 cm on the top but also below), except on in that the back extraction of 14 cm. Inside, you can place them six hard drives 3.5 "or 2.5" holes for the screws are of course provided. Our HDD will be grouped according to two roll discs, the Dell 312-0748 Battery bottom can be easily extracted by squeezing the two tabs located in plastic on its upper and lower parts. Moreover, all the HDD racks are turned towards the right side of the box, which is a bit strange, but insofar as it is possible to open the other side door to get there, nothing serious.
Everything goes in, that's for sure!

The installation of the Phantom 820 is painless. There is so much room inside ... The power comes gently on rubber pads to prevent vibration and screws at the rear. The motherboard already has spacers to slots for ATX motherboard, but NZXT offers in other to put a mini-ITX board or by XL-ATX, no worries on that side.

The mounting system devices 5.25 "is easy with two metal pins that are unlocked by simply pressing the black plastic strip. The graphics card is up by removing two slots with a thumbscrew for each of them, it does not move then. the 3.5 "hard disk is housed in the rack by sliding therein; two retaining tabs on either side of the rack holding it in place and prevent vibrations. SSD will screw against by using the screws provided. We note here a Dell 312-0754 machining problem on all screws that we had. Impossible for us to install our SSD, it will recover those provided by the manufacturer of the SSD, if this is the case. Last update on HDD racks: they seem too fragile and flexible. Implementation in the cage is not safe and they tend to go it alone, sorry.

Cable management side, at first glance, it would have indicated that it looked perfect. But unfortunately, many passages present on the support panel of the motherboard are not everything. Indeed, it lacks some passages to secure the strands of cables with clamps autoserrants provided in the box. It will therefore trickery to keep them in place and complete the wiring for a clean configuration.

Like a ghost in a cold corridor ...

We have just completed the Dell 312-0818 Battery presentation and editing of this great big box signed NZXT. Turning now to the management of heating our test configuration.

Test Setup:

Motherboard - Asus ROG Crosshair IV Formula

Processor - AMD Phenom II X6 1100T

Cooler - Noctua NH-U9B (in fanless for testing sound)

Graphics card - Radeon HD 6850

Power supply - 460 Watt Seasonic XSeries (fanless)

SSD - OCZ Agility 3 120GB

HDD - Samsung 500 GB 7200 rpm / min

Cooling the housing is quite efficient, and is almost silent. While there are 44.1 dBA at 40 cm from the housing, the noise generated by the fans at full speed is pretty quiet anyway. The Dell 312-0910 sound is rather located in the lower frequencies, it is not bad even for a long period of intensive Thurs. Moreover, during our two-hour test to heat all parts of our test platform, either CPU, GPU and hard disk at the same time, the temperature readings are quite low. The two fans 20 cm, on the front and on the side door, do their job formatting pressure of the casing while the other two, respectively 14 and 20 cm in diameter, are responsible for extracting hot air from the rear and above.

Low speed, temperatures rise a bit, but this is not yet a furnace inside. Finally, we note that the button speed reduction on top of ventilos can even completely cut their rotations. This can be interesting when you must leave the configuration running all night, for example, not to disturb the sleep of the occupants of the room.

The front door, it is a matter of taste

Overall, the Phantom 820 is ready to undergo the throes of a great muscled configuration. Ventilation is effective management and the front panel is more than we would expect for the price, ie 250 resellers usual.

However, our enthusiasm to be weighed because of HDD racks that are stain and cable management too perfectible to allocate the highest score possible. We still love the lighting proposed, with the ability to change color between green, red, blue or white and that little extra that makes class with two white LEDs that illuminate the rear panel. Although this case is rather well done, it is estimated that 280 is priced a little too high to make it a bestseller.

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