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Happy Birthday Jonah Hill!

Happy Birthday sir! I hope it's awesome. It's always exciting to know there's a famous celebrity on the site, it really shows our development as a blog and a community. Anyway, I was gonna try to send you a present, but the UPS guy said h...


11 Things Liam2015 wants From E3

It's that time of the year again, and here are my hopes and dreams for this time around. As you all know, I own only a PS3, thus this post is a bit Sony-oriented. New Mirror's Edge trailer/info on the game Yum As I write this post, this ...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Thats my computer. To be more specific, my family computer, which is why I can't have a bunch of games or movies on it one time, or it slows down alot. It's a slow peice of crap anyway. So I need a gaming computer so I could finally get S...


Commentationaterize: New Blog Banner, icon.

As you guyses can see, I just updated my blog banner and icon. They've been the same since I joined Dtoid in June, and I felt they needed a change. The blog banner will most likely stay until I get something cooler to fill it with, my icon,...


Warhawk Patch 1.3 details, kicks major ass

Dylan Jobe has updated his blog, and it reveals A TON of new information about the upcoming patch. While the last two patches were mainly to fix server problems and other glitches, this patch actually includes TWO new ground pick-ups, along...


DAMN YOU MARKETING/Potential 360 Purchase

I'm a sucker for flashy things and awesome songs. Which is why I hate it when I buy a game based on a commercial that I saw. Do I know, if the gameplay is any good, or if the story is interesting? No. Do they show non-gameplay videos and a ...


Wikipedia dosn't make sense

Pardon me if I missed something, but wasn't there this whole thing with Wikipedia's Destructoid article, and we won (or something), and there was much rejoicing?Well I just looked up Destructoid a la wiki, and found nothing. But here's the ...


Gamespot interviews Jon Mak

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Jon Mak, sole developer of Everyday Shooter, answers a few questions about this whole experience. Basically Jon says he's been dreaming of making video games since he was a little kid, that ES was...


Friday Night Fights 13: Warhawk Recapumalation

Hello, liam2015 again, here to recap the fast-paced orgy of violence that Warhawk on a Friday night. Just like wednesday, a good amount of people showed up to promote the violence. There was bhive01, Spider Pig, SlavedHeart, Balth, balth'...


Wednesday Night WarCawks 5 Thursday Recap

Here's the usual Wednesday Night Warhawk recap, except today, I'll be doing the recapping, not bihive01. So anyway, as always, bhive01 started a passworded server at around 7 pm eastern. Balth and myself jumped in around the same time, to...


Getting Warhawk Today (HOPEFULLY)

I know It's been weeks since it came out, and since then my excitement about this game has only been rapidly increasing, to the point where the only way to expel my boredom was to read about Warhawk and to watch the trailers I downloaded ov...


New Firmware?

Is it just me or was the last firmware update Sony released was 1.92, because after trying to login into the psn, it told me a system software update was required, I checked and it said 1.93. If I'm not crazy and this is new, I assume it's ...


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