DeS: New features announced for FIFA 19

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About leyone of us since 8:20 PM on 11.04.2009

Im the unluckiest person evar!!!
Really, i am, i never win anything.
But w/e.

I started gaming when i was like about 7 years or so and i remember the first console i owned was a snes with super mario world, after that i moved on to owning a N64 and a ps1, and after this i didnt buy another console until the ps3, which is the one i have right now, rocking it at MW2.
My favorite games are RPG, but i also play FPS's rather well too. My all time favorite game is FF7, which i believe is the best RPG ever made!!
Right now i mostly play Modern Warfare 2, and when that gets a little boring i play Borderlands or Marvel vs Capcom 2.