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Holy shit! I almost missed the game jam! I capped the game off unfinished and uploaded it... Btw it's 4am here lol


Seeing the Eiyuden Kickstarter at 4am is a bad idea


TLOU2 done just in time for GOT of the non-Lannister kind. They did fumble the pacing in the end - they should have wrapped it up at a certain culminating point and added a single narrative chapter instead of adding multiple with more encounters.


Very busy in both life and gaming!... But the most important update is I managed to get married 2 weeks ago despite the global situation. Settled in our new condo unit (no decent net yet), just finished TLOU:R so I can transition to the sequel. Huzzah


How can Jason Bateman, who produced and starred in the wonderful Ozark series and Arrested Development be the same guy who also produced/starred Game Night?


Some ACNH shenanigans with Parismio, Lawman and IneptMelonhead!


*watches the PS5 stream, listening to SSD explanations*... what a long-winded way of saying this will cost $600


All these DS posts recently and here I am sort of living a bad part of it as we're all ashen ones here from a volcanic eruption a few hours from where I am. Not in danger so far, just really dusty


Happy New Year Dtoid! Keep on playing... until you see the new game, then ditch that old shit and buy the new one


I asked my Secret Santa for their identity 'cause I wanted to point out how he/she went beyond the requirement and got me these (sending them across the Pacific!) but no reply! Show yourself! But anyway, thanks a bunch!


*sees RE3 remake trailer and date* ...well, my wedding date just got more interesting.


My sale hauls: $45 for a PSN Plus re-up, Borderlands 3 (R3 version, but it was $35!), Divinity Original Sin 2, The Messenger, Wilmot's Warehouse, Sundered. And now, we play some more Control *walks off*


Control is finished, what an experience! I would have quickly moved on to the final GOTY nominee I haven't played (Death Stranding!) but I'm 3 trophies away from platinum so here we go! 10/10 would Ashtray Maze again. P.S. Thanks, Ahti the Janitor!


I just got to what I think is the best part of Control. I was rushing through the whole thing, trying to keep up with the music. I didn't know if it had filler sequences to time it with the end but it did. Even Jessie agreed it was awesome!


I've just made my first Limited Run Games purchase yesterday - the VA11-HALLA Collector's Ed (Switch)! Perfect time to finally nab the game... with choice swag!


Just started Control - it's like Christopher Nolan played Infamous then decided to make a videogame. After this and Death Stranding, I'll have played all thegameawards GOTY nominees haha


Finished Outer Worlds! Kudos to Game Pass, but I would have paid real money for it anyway. Now I have more time for Pokemon... *starts new game with Supernova difficulty*


Oh no, I'm knee-deep in Outer Worlds and loving it.


Happy Birthday fellow September celebrants!


Anybody heard that weird Wii Shop and Undertale music during the Rage 2 update trailer? That's either a funny troll or a really creative sneak-in to a shocking announcement


Hey, I found a seller for the Persona Q2 Premium Edition that doesn't price gouge! I won't get until a week from now though but that's I alright, Timespinners should keep me happy till then!


I bought Katana Zero and Steamworld Quest then proceeded to start my first game of Stardew Valley which I bought months ago. Stardew Valley (to the other games):


All endings done! I can now sleep before 6AM lol. Maybe I'll do the 2nd run for the plat but even without it Sekiro is still one hell (almost literally) of a game and worth the CE I got for it. BB still takes the cake tho


My hauls from my Osaka trip: a Wonderswan Color FF Edition, FF2 for the same console, Square Enix Jazz Vol 2 and some random cheap Gundam game for the GBA!


Hey kids, if you're taking out trash avoid holding the trash bag and your house keys in one hand. Hashtag life hack


Solo Pacifist run done (lol)!


KH3 pet peeve: This is most evident in Gummiships - I use inverted-Y controls when the camera is directly behind the subject (i.e. regular travel), regular-Y controls when it is detached (i.e. gummi battles). I find myself having to always switch.


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