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A Simple Blog Update

Hello all!

I havenít been writing for very long, It mostly started as an excuse for doing nothing all day, every day. Since I was playing games all day, might as well do something useful with it, write reviews and such. Its escalated into something pretty important to me in these short months, and I don't really want, nor plan to stop anytime soon. But I havenít been able to write about much things lately as Iíve been, for once, surprisingly busy. Its only been several weeks without writing very much (besides just one review) but its something thats beginning to bug me, not writing anything you guys. I don't really have a point, but I figured Iíd still leave an update.

I finally hit that point where I needed get up and fucking do something. Iíve mostly been one to stick to the couch or in front of some form of TV/monitor, so it feels weird and exciting to finally be at a loss of spare time.

I recently started school (Iíll make this quick, Wrench, please don't strike me down!) to not sound as pathetic when someone asks me ďSo.. What do you do?Ē. They aren't the hardest of ventures, a drawing and publishing class (sprinkled with a math class but who cares about that), mainly to improve a personal site, while also trying to repair a long lost drawing talent. I wanted more, but they were mostly what time allotted me, as most of classes that interested me were in the same time slots.

The remaining hours have been spent trying to think of ideas about games or other things to write about, record or anything else that could be loosely defined as a Ďcreationí. Theyíre not the greatest ideas, as I find myself often hard pressed for anything better than any simple game review, but I hope theyíll catch at least one eye.

I think itíll take more time to let the fruit ripen and iron out the kinks this time, as I have less time to mess around with, but now that Iím grasping hold my new routine I'm figuring out easier ways to get some more immediate content in between. Elgatoís game capture HD updated to include live streaming to Twitch.Tv, making it easier to get into the fray of the latest topics, without the need to completely literate my opinions, and in fact I can show them form. Feeling a need to have some video content, its something Iím interested in pursuing.

Iíve got quite a weekend ahead of me, having friday and monday off, which Iíve decided to dedicate to streaming the Dead Space franchise from the original, hopefully through to (as long as fucking Gamefly works) the apparently lackluster third entry. And if I can't make it to Dead Space 3, I at least get to play the good ones. It seemed like the perfect event to tie into my recent obsession, though I realized the daytime hours will kill the mood.

Though I could just stream something else if the need arises...

Iíve been trying to start Assassinís Creed 3, though Im beginning to see the intro as slow, as Iíve only just reach the end of Haythemís introduction. What Ive found the worst so far is the Ďdetection=game overí mentality of the first chapterís missions. I heard I shouldnít be overwhelmed by the title, but I hope that mentality changes as I think Iím about to reach Connorís content.

Iíve been saving Ni No Kuni for enough time to make it through the introduction, as the grapevine tells me its quite a dense intro. As Iím sure everyone else is, Iím a Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli fan, owning most of the films; Iím not the hugest Level-5 fan, but they have enough merit in what little I played of White Knight Chronicles. Oooh...I cant wait..

I hope that this can explain my lack of commitment lately, while also excusing the continued lulls.


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