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Talk : Licensed Video Games. (Games based on TV franchises)

GAMES. VIDEO GAMES.  Did that get your attention besides the controversial looking title? Hopefully it did because you are in for a long talk. 

Than How about Licensed Video games? 

(based off Cartoon/Comic/movie etc) 

There will be a lot of mixed feelings about that. They are risky and yet.... safe for the developers to make. You rely on the franchise doing well to put the game sales up. Does that mean the game is gonna have a top notch reputation like the show? 
Yeah, It will. For ruining what was good about the franchise. 

 Today I'll be talking about Video games based off TV/movie franchises. 
(By that I mean I do include TV shows that were either originally a comic and etc.) 

What did comments think about movie tie in games? Here it is. 
[Image ripped directly from crackedbat's blog. view the full blog here.]

Movie-tie-in video games. They are always a trouble. Although this image is satire/sarcastic (If it wasn't obvious by the full image set Crackedbat offererd to us, (Seriously go read it. You will get a good chuckle ) Movie-tie-in video games are rushed. Why are they rushed? Because they need to release it before the movie-franchise dies. It's about the risk that they don't want to take. They can take some time to work on a game that could get good reputation, risk having less sales, OR they could release a mediocre game when the franchise is still hot. It was like that back than, and it still is now. Thankfully, it is slightly better now. Not all movie/tv video games are shitty. Some games were actually great. I'll toss in some examples. 

IN NA : 

[Directly ripped from destructoid's review. Review by Fraser Brown.] 

You determined the plot. You controlled a character, point and click, talk to people with 4 choices. Point and click game at it's finest. (Interactive game.)

This game's verdict ? It was a 9/10. But there's one trap about it, is that this game is nothing about the show, but it is in the comic universe (Still doesn't affect anything) . Also this is a review of only one of the episodes, but it seems that the games had received pretty good reception. That's pretty rare for license base video games. Last time I saw a licensed game.... 

Read the full review here [By Maurice Tan] 

All right, we evened out the situation. Two licensed games. Both having nothing to do with the TV show. Two completely different results. A whooping score of 4.5/10. A game that relied on reputation of the show, and ultimately failed. 

Do you feel some bias here? Good, You are a critical thinker. 

One thing you could argue against is that these two games are completely different. They are in their own respective genre which are Point- Click and Strategy / RTS. One may argue that it is easier to develop a Point and Click game. One may say creating RTS games are harder to perfect. But in the end, it came to the fact that two companies tried to create video games when the reputation for the game was still hot, and one was successful while one failed. There was also the scale difference. One company tried to give you the feel of being in the game. Making choices in the plot, thinking that you are actually changing the plot and so on. Other gave you extra things on the plot, but ultimately failed to be an actual good game. 

Ok, So that's the gist of the situation in NA. (CONTROVERSIAL ALERT)  It doesn't sum everything up, but it sums up what it was like in 2011. 

....Than what about somewhere else in the world? 

In Japan: 

In Japan there are light novels. Light novels develope popular, and gets turned into animes. Animes gather more fame, and in the end you have a video game. What are these video games? 

Two come up in to my mind, which I do own and have played on the Vita. 

                        Sakura Hall                      My teen romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu) 

Now we are actually talking about games that are exactly based off shows. No alternate universe or 1000 years before. 

Oh look, Nobody knows these two games. [font=Courier New](maybe i can talk about these two without being super controversial...)[/font]

All right. I'll go ahead and say it right here also. There is a little bit of bias. I have picked literally 2 games that have 0 action what so ever. (Previous 2 games I have picked for NA , there was action.)  (You know the pew-pew and the slash and *boom*) I can actually get examples of those games, but the ones I have played so far, were just about C+. Nothing more, just I would give it a C. These two? They aren't action games, and they are story driven game at finest. It's literally just plot with some mini games. 

Does that mean the games are great ? No, they suffer the same issue from NA. 

Like I have stated before. These type of games suffer greatly from rushed efforts. Especially the one on the right. (Oregairu) Oh, and being mediocre at best. 

Like the walking dead game from NA, you controlled a character in both of these games, you had choices to pick, you picked a route and progress along the plot.

Now these games are what you literally call "playing for the plot". There is nothing else, but the plot. But what if the plot wasn't so different? And that's where the problem kicks in. 

Title: Even in video games, My teen romantic comedy is still wrong as I expected.
Release date: 2013/09/19
Genre: Visual Novel  

Oregairu's game's plot was based off one of the novels. The main protagonist was actually sent in a game world, (for this game plot. Also has no effect on his life, because that world mirrors the world he was in before) and spends his summer vacation there. Of course following the novel/show he goes to the Camp, and all that drama happens. This is the point of the plot  where you are suppose to be able to make a difference. The question is, can you? Answer is no. It was like Dragon Age 2, whatever choices you made tragedy was bound to occur , and in the end it changes... nothing. You can argue that this game, was less about taking itself seriously by putting the protagonist in to the "Game world",  But why release a game that solely has to do about plot and choices if it didn't do a damn thing? Of course yeah, the routes. They are different. But the endings? Let me tell you something, if you watched Oregairu up to like episode 6 (or 8?) You know the whole "let's reset our relationship" ? Well what a surprise, one of the ending is exactly like that. Almost word for word. If it's gonna give me the same ending, I don't want a game like that. People play licensed games because they want to make a different choice, to see different ending that they wouldn't see in the main series. (At least for me) If I rated this game? Probably a solid 4/10. They really need to fix the graphics for this game when it goes 3D. (You can see the fucking jagged lines around people's lips in 3D and it bugs the shit out of me) 
Also it was hella rushed because the anime series just ended and the author wasn't writing books in the moment. (Other than bonus novels that came with blu-rays)  

If I rated this game? Probably about 5/10. The way I usually rate video games is usually near 7.5~8.5 but as much as I love this series, it doesn't deserve anything above 5 at all.  

Sakura Hall actually managed to save itself from almost doing the same thing. What did they do? They used a different time period, and just decided to incorporate new characters. 

It's still the same old. Sorata is still trying to make games, and his friends are there to help out once again. Except this time, you have a new member and it's something that you never saw in the Anime. The plot takes place right after they created that giant cat game which I can't recall the title of in the culture festival. After the success, they try to create a video game once again with a new member on their hand. Also new rivals. The game was simple, you assigned jobs to your team, plot goes, sometimes if the situation goes bad team member will come up and say it might be good to try a different genre and etc. (If you were working on RPG, and you weren't progressing Ryunosuke will have a talk abuot changing the game's genre. Btw you always start working on RPG) The same kind of visual novel game, but executed better and different plot, instead of relying from the main.

It almost seems like if the game affects the main plot in anyway, it makes it disappointing. .... hmmmm.

So in the end both region suffer same problems. Same pros, same cons. How people world view license games seems to come down to the same perspective. Go for that hot rep your franchise has, release fast, and pray that your franchise is so good that the bad parts about the games are negligible.

What do you guys think? Also do point out any mistakes and error in the blog. This ended up being more of a rant, but I hope it was worth the time for you to read.
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