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4 Reasons Not To Worry About Net Neutrality Ruining Online Gaming

The FCC rocked the web last week when it voted 3-2 last week to end net neutrality — a topic that was hotly debated for the past few years.

Gamers, in particular, had reason to be alarmed when the news trickled down.

Everyone has had a take. Does this mean that your internet will get slower? Will you be nickled and dimed every step of the way? Are you subject to pay walls that ruin your internet experience?

With net neutrality by the wayside, it's been speculated that gamers may soon not only have to pay for their PSN and Xbox accounts, but separate fees for data use and other subscription services.

We’re in an interesting time regarding the future of the internet. However, don’t hit the panic button just yet.

Below are a few reasons that you gamers and other web users shouldn't be too worried about this whole net neutrality business quite yet.

1. This Isn’t Going Through Without Some Serious Legal Battles

The second that the net neutrality repeal vote went through, it became clear that some legal battles would be at play.

New York Attorney General Eric Shneiderman said that he will helm a suit to push back against the repeal.

You can expect this legal push to feature a lot of back and forth, which, at the very least, will stall the development of any repeal actions. According to the initial vote, the FCC could begin taking actions within the next 2 months.

Along with Schneiderman, there are several other states forming their own lawsuits, which is a clear indicator that it won’t go through without a fight. It would be in Democrats’ best interests to oppose at every turn as time goes on, as Democrats in elections all over seek to win back seats from Republicans.

The fact that Alabama recently elected Democrat Doug Jones won a U.S. Senate seat in such a traditionally red state bodes well for the left moving forward.

2. Much Of The Net Neutrality Repeal Support Is In Dispute

One of the biggest pieces of news that came out centered around allegedly phony support for the repeal of net neutrality.

Countless complaints were voiced and filed related to posts that were either made on someone else’s behalf, or by fake people or companies.

Some people even reported that fake posts of support were written for their dead relatives. The blow back has been huge and several investigations are in the works that could have repercussions on the way the repeal went through.

3. A Bill Is In Play To Counteract The Recent Vote

Litigation aside, there’s also a bill in the works to fight back against the net neutrality repeal vote.

United States Senator Chuck Schumer has gone on record saying that he plans to take the matter to a vote in hopes of quickly squashing the FCC repeal.

Schumer’s vote will require a Democratic simple majority.

4. Too Many People And Companies Have Stake In Net Neutrality

Litigation and politics aside, this is the biggest reason that the net neutrality repeal is far from a foregone conclusion.

While giants like Verizon are on board with the repeal, other multi-billion dollar companies like Netflix, Google and Amazon are completely opposed to ending net neutrality. The latter three are among the largest companies in the world and their business models largely depend on people being able to browse the web as they please.

Further, web users have come to expect certain standards from their browsing experience and will continue to protect, petition and make their voices heard.

What are your thoughts on the net neutrality issue? Let me know in the comments!

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