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The Hype Episode 030


Tonight live at 7:00PM EST is the weekly Pwnage.TV Vodcast show, The Hype! We have a much more eventful week than last week so here are a few of the topics that we'll cover on the live show:

-Bioshock 2 and AvP Up for Preorder on Steam.
-Community Fortress has an interview with Robin Walker.
-Why is Nolan North everywhere?
-Crysis 2 in New York. Leo is ready.
-TF2 Lobby released this week.
-Releases this week sucked.

And more! Just tune in at this link here to listen to it live. You can also participate by joining the chat channel in the browser! Link to video will be posted here after the show in case you miss it when its live. If you have any topics to suggest don't hesitate to post.

Edit: Check out the recording here.
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