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Dystopian Girl Stuck in a Dystopian World Part 2: Gameplay

In my younger years, I always believed that as long as the story was fantastic in a role-playing game, the gameplay could be terrible. I found that to not always be the case. Unfortunately, unless itís a Visual Novel, a role-playing game must have at least a decent gameplay experience to match the story in order for me to accept the game.

I... was a moron as a child. Though in many cases the statement can be true, the gameplay can become so frustrating that I cannot push forward in the game's story.

So, letís delve further into Fallout: New Vegas!

There are three points that will be discussed throughout the second half of this analysis: exploration, combat, and interaction.

Point One: Exploration

To summarize, the game's environment far too vast for me. The areas are simply too large to travel in, especially when alone. These areas would be perfect in an MMORPG, but in a single-player game, I find it grating. You have Fast Travel, correct, but that only lands you so far. You still have to travel a bit to reach your goals. What makes it worse is the movement speed. Sure, running appears realistic, but it also feels incredibly slow. I wish there was, at the very minimum, a damned sprint button. Perhaps itís my impatience, but wandering around eventually becomes a chore.

There are tons of items to be had in this game. Once again, for me, this is a major issue. Yes, there is a large variety, but the items are also narrow in scope of effect. For example, you find six thousand different types of vegetables that heal you. As cool and expansive as that sounds, itísÖ not really. I rather have the items condensed. There are so many items that fill my backpack rapidly, which I then have to run to a trader to sell them. My OCD/ADD makes this worse by forcing me to pick up everything in sight. So, I have to run to trade quite excessively.

In my honest opinion, the variation of items is great as a concept, but terrible in execution.

Finally, we have the level of detail. I do enjoy the amount of detail placed into the game. An abundance of items (albeit annoying) lying about, the ground littered with detailed plant and animal life, and the terrain adorned with various, non-copy-and-pasted landforms actually make the areas pretty interesting, despite the decrepit and lonely atmosphere. Unfortunately, the traveling aspect and slow running counters the aesthetic. Dying also makes traveling less fun.

Without bias: 7/10

With bias: ARGH/10

It doesn't appear so big, but it is when everything feels slow-motion.

Point Two: Combat

Combat can be a pain, especially with a controller. Even after taking up the keyboard and mouse, I found combat to be almost boring or frustrating, as Iím constantly swarmed and undergeared for quests. Because of the level of frustration (and I am actually pretty decent at FPS and TPS) I experienced, I threw the controller down and said ďscrew it.Ē

So I slammed the cheat button.

Using line commands, I donned the power armor and some fun weapons just to make the game a bit more interesting. I will admit the game became 1000x more interesting while running on a maniacal spree. The game was so boring that I found it best to kill everyone and everything. So I did! Bwahahahaha! Unfortunately, to resort to cheat to bring life to the game shouldn't have happened.

Of course, cheating only brought a certain level of fun until I was stopped dead in my tracks by the amount of slow running I had to do to reach an area. I wished there was a mini-map in the corner at the very least!

Other than that, the combat is prettyÖ okay. Standard, but nothing stands out save for the V.A.T.S. function. V.A.T.S. is fun to use when picking off monsters, but other than that, itís nothing truly innovative.

Without bias: 6/10

With bias: WHY!?/10 (translation: 4/10)

Found plenty of games that are far more fun in concerns to combat.

Point Three: Interaction

Okay, this is probably the best part of the gameplay. You have so many options when chatting with people! I usually love playing the bitch that ruins the lives of others! So I often did, though I was nice once in a great while. The rampant amount of decisions to make actually maintained the remainder of my interest. Interacting with NPCs was pretty fun and exploratory, though after a bit, the standard dialogue caused me to lose interest.

If anything, I think I would have loved this game to be more cinematic. The opening cutscene made me believe there would be cinematic points, but I was unfortunately wrong.

Without Bias: 8/10

With Bias: 6/10

Hrm... the first one or the second one...

Point Four: Cheesiness

There is not enough cheddar in this game. Overall, greatly disappointed.

With Bias, 0/10

Without Bias, 10/10


Well, there you have it. I think I will be working on more reviews, as friends are suggesting I should do more. Requests are welcome, and I also do plan on formulating mock reviews in the nearby future.

Overall, Fallout: New Vegas wasnít a terrible game by any means, but it just felt so standard that there was nothing to grab my interest. It just wasnít for me. The environment or story didnít help in any way, driving me into panic attacks. I think there will be a WRPG out there for me, but this, sadly, isnít one of them.

Final Score:

With Bias: 4/10

Without Bias: 7/10
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