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Streaming: Why So Popular?

I have always been behind in video game generations. In fact, I can only recall one instance where I pre-ordered a console (3DS, so not really a console). So this year, I plan on getting a Playstation 4. Would I regret it? I hope not. Any...


New Year's and Progression

Afternoon, everyone! I apologize for the few day hiatus, everyone. Holidays and all, so what's a girl to do when she is stuffed full with... stuffing? Not only is stuffing part of the Christmas Spirit, but also committing arson to Christ...


...And a Happy New Game!

Ah, Christmas. It's that wonderful time of year. Filled with cheer, festivities, and so much food you're guaranteed to develop diabetes and strokes over the next six months. Well, it used to be that time of year. Now I only see the consta...


My Life as a Closet Gamer

I don't know much about superheroes. I do know they have cover identities. Hamburger Man dresses up as a turkey burger in the daytime. Batman disguises himself as some rich con artist or something like that. The Pretzel has a day job of bei...


Mistell Bonanza!

Mistells are very prominent in massively multiplayer online games. Though the term "mistells" (MT) can be sighted beyond the MMO realm, they can be found in many MMORPGs. Mistells can range from innocent to so vulgar and embarrassing that y...


Gaming with Chelle

So what is it like to play with a girl like me? Mixed bag. There is no good and terrible, there are just... other adjectives to describe it. People have described me as a riot, harmful, trigger-happy, trippy, maniacal, bloodthirsty, evi...


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I am just a typical, spazzy woman hellbent on changing the written world with blogs of insanity, video games, art, and other potpourri infested topics!

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