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Scene it? I have, and I like it.

While wondering through Best Buy the other day doing that whole Christmas shopping nonsense, a little gem caught my eye that I basically forgot about. Scene It has been a game Iíve been looking forward to since I had first heard about it, b...


Late but what the hell: I want my excitement back.

This is from my gamespot blog, but I figured I'd post it to clear up some statements in my "What the hell was his name" blog. -------------- I can only imagine the backlash if I actually had people reading my blog. The seas would rise, th...


What the hell was his name?

Recently Iíve noticed that more than a few games have left me feeling emotionally detached from the characters, not in a sense where I cry or get angry or anything like that, but in a way where I just donít care about what happens to them. ...


Kane & Lynch: Mediocre Men

If youíre looking for a game that is fantastically mediocre, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is definitely the way to go. I can honestly say that I havenít played a game that has not left some kind of impression on me in awhile. I just kind of fee...


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