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Winter Carnival Aftermath - Questions that need answers

Christmas has come and gone, and Iíd like to think I made out like a bandit. Obtaining a Wii, a bunch of games for it, and Uncharted for the PS3, itís fair to say that Iíve got a fair bit of game playing to be done. However, I have popped in everything I got atleast once minus Uncharted, so since Iím bored, SNAP REVIEWS (that no one gives a shit about)! By the way, if you don't read my stupid impressions on the games, there is a question at the end.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Ė Not too bad, I played really briefly but it wasnít terrible. Itís a rail shooter, hurr, and since I grew up around arcade machines Iím used to this kinda thing and like it.

Super Mario Galaxy Ė Itís Mario 64 with sweet controls and a fuckiní awesome universe. Loviní this game.

Resident Evil 4 Ė Amazing. Iíve played this the most out of all the games Iíve gotten so far and god damn is it good on the Wii.

Trauma Center: New Blood Ė I played the DS version of the first title and liked it well enough. Iíve been popping this in when taking a break from ďrealĒ games and it keeps me occupied. I like it.

Mario and Sonic Olympics Ė Only really playing it with friends or my brother, not too much fun by myself. Definitely a great party game though.

Brunswick Pro Bowling Ė Itís a bowling gameÖ I like it, itís fun, though Wii bowling probably would have been enough, however, I do like the career mode option in this title.

Carnival Games Ė In the same boat as Olympics, really fun party game but I canít imagine playing it with myself.

Mario Party 8 Ė Fantastic party game, love it to death.

Manhunt 2 Ė Eh, itís Manhunt I guess. I havenít really gotten into it too much cause I donít really care, Iíll probably beat it eventually.

Spyro Ė Not too much play time with this one, watched my brother play it some though and it seemed alright.

Yeah so, I made out pretty good, on top of that stuff I got a bunch of DVDs too which I havenít watched because of the constant playing with my Wii. All and all, Iím pretty pleased with the new system and the games Iíve gotten. A lot of things to play and keep me occupied, even though I am pretty overwhelmed. With so much stuff to play, I canít decide if Iím going to jump around or just dominate one game at a time, itís a lot to cover. For the Wii anyway, Iím going to wait till I have time to sit down and play Uncharted straight through without playing other stuff in between. I am one of those gamers though, thinking about it, itís kind of a joke thinking Iíd skip around and play different games. Itís not my style, especially for single player things.

So you tell me, what game should I bang out first?

Resident Evil 4
Super Mario Galaxy

I figure weíll leave it to those three since they are really the only ones with strong single player. The others I could jump around and play at my leisure, but Iíd only want to play one of these at a time.
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