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PAX10 puzzler Splice is too much for my brain

When I read the synopsis of Splice in the back of the PAX program, with the rest of the PAX10 games (ten indie games at PAX, highlighted by industry experts for how awesome they are), I was pretty sure it was going to be over my head. But I...


Featured on VentureBeat and BitMob!

Quick post before my next review, I just wanted to celebrate the great advice I got at PAX about posting to other outlets - I got published! was ...


Zombie puzzler Containment has some good, some okay

I should've posted this yesterday but I realized if I get into the habit of daily posts, I'll be beating myself up to maintain that and I don't want to sink into gaming as a chore again. So I paced myself, played another one of the PAX10 (t...


More fun playing Catch-22 than reading Catch-22

Hardy har har, what a clever title. I actually really enjoy the novel, Catch-22. But the point is that the game Catch-22, a puzzler that was one of the PAX10 (ten indie games selected by a panel as the best indie games at PAX), is truly del...


Introducing Pocket-Tactics, from Ill Gotten Games

I don't think I should talk about Chris Kohler from Wired any more (Chris Kohler), but while I was waiting to talk to Chris Kohler, another aspiring games journalist/writer/designer like myself, named Ted, came up to me and took the panelis...


Sharing the PAX wealth

Here's the thing: I'd love to write about the great games I played at PAX, but I'm too busy implementing the awesome knowledge I got at PAX. For example, I've applied to about a billion jobs tonight. That may or may not be hyperbole. The po...


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A member of the Destructoid team handed me a Razer Taipan gaming mouse at PAX, so basically we're all best friends now.

Additionally, I love playing my Wii, Xbox 360, PC, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. If I'm not gaming, or writing about gaming, I'm usually thinking about one of those things. Red Dead Redemption just might be my favorite game of all time, but there's a special place in my heart for all things Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed. First person perspective games make me nauseated but I played through Portal and am playing through Portal 2 twenty minutes at a time, so I don't vomit. That's what you mean to me, Gabe Newell. That's what you mean to me.

I love all indie games. I mean that almost literally. I have many games in my Steam library that I need to play but they're nothing compared to how many games from all of the Humble Bundles that I need to play. Video game music is a hobby of mine, and one of the factors of a game I always notice first. I blog first on, but those posts will most likely end up here not too long after their initial debut there.