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Gaming with Lazyhoboguy: Poop Jokes, Immature Shenanigans, and Some Whining


Hmm what is it like to game with me? I've never really taken the time to analyze what the experience must be like for others. Well, I'd like to think I can be pretty funny and entertaining to talk to while gaming with someone. I've been playing games since I was wee lad in the second grade when I got a Gameboy with several games like Tetris. YEAAA TETRIS, and no I'm not Scottish I just like saying wee lad. WEE LAD!! I have many many consoles and handhelds from that console/handheld generation to the present, so I feel that I have a good bit of knowledge and a lot to talk about with others gamers while we are playing an online game or split screen game in person. 

However, I will admit that like many gamers in the heat of the moment in multiplayer games I can do my fair share of bitching and moaning about who just killed me with their bullshit tactic, that is only bullshit when they do it of course. Because you know if I do the same tactic I am being a gaming genius and my cleverness in choosing to use such a grand and noble tactic should be greatly rewarded by the people in the streets, who will appreciate my gaming godliness by throwing various tasty treats and wads of currency in my saintly and superbly smelling direction. As the showers of jellybeans, moneys, and jars of Nutella (my brown gooey cocaine) rain down upon me I shall be pleased greatly and so will the people for the people's pleasure shall come from the act of pleasing me....

Mmmmmm. Jelly Beans.

Oh yea, I also have a tendency to get a little distracted and start ranting with silly jokes. I don't know if you noticed that. I do that while gaming with people too heh. Anyways to get back on track, I've had a group of 2 or 3 gamer buddies that I've been playing online games with for the pass 4 or 5 years. We met up through various gaming forums and started talking through instant messengers because of our shared passion for videogames and online gaming. Eventually we moved on to whipping out our sexy voices for each other and started talking with each other over voice chat programs like Skype and Teamspeak while gaming. At first, I found chatting while online gaming a bit distracting and I would take off my headset while the online game was happening so I could fully focus on and enjoy the game. I'd wait until we were in a game lobby, or in a loading screen to pop my headset back on and get back in the conversation. The other guys bitched about it and thought I was being a bit silly. To me though I wasn't being silly. I used to like to have my entire attention focused on a game. Videogames were serious business. I wanted to hear the music and all the sound effects and auditory cues which can help you react faster in online games. Having people's HUMAN voices in my ears distracting me with their HUMAN statements, HUMAN questions, and HUMAN jokes was an obnoxious annoyance to me back then. For example, when I was back in HUMAN high school and was playing some Nintendo 64 multiplayer games with people, one of my friends commented on how my face was hilarious while I was gaming since I was concentrating so much. He said it looked like I was constipated. 

Eventually though, I grew to enjoy talking while in the midst of an online game. We ask each other questions about what is going on, yell at each other when we kill each other, bitch and moan about lag and other supposedly bullshit things that caused our online demise. We crack jokes, often extremely immature, but still hilarious ones. We discuss gaming news and our opinions on the state of the videogame industry. 

I should clarify though. I enjoy talking with people I know, or people who aren't humongous Asshats while I game. I don't enjoy hearing the loud squeals of infants, stupid staticy music being blasted into the microphone, or other creative forms of ear molestation that take place when you listen to random people in online games. I ritually immediately mute everyone  when I don't know them at all or they reveal themselves as an Asshat.

I gave the jerkface a mustache because mustaches are only grown by the evil and the insane. It's a fact.

Chatting with my online gaming buddies has done another nice thing though. It's opened up an entirely different genre of games for me to play. I now sometimes actually can get some sick enjoyment from playing extremely terrible piece of shit games. Like Haze for example. Games I'd given up on and would never touch again if I were playing by myself or with random online people now became entertaining to play since I could joke about them and voice my hate for them with other people, right at the same moment as the game's poop-like quality was unfolding in front of me.

I even think our discussions while gaming can be quite funny for others, so I eventually started uploading a few videos to Youtube of us playing online games while we talk over them. If you feel like hearing lots of dumb jokes and us insulting the game's we are playing you can watch them here: .

Gaming with lazyhoboguy can be pretty competitive or pretty laid-back depending on what game we are playing together. I get kind of competitive in some first person shooters for example. For games like Call of Duty 4 it is just fun to win at those type of games and extremely aggravating when you don't. I spent a lot of time in that game online and loved being a bastard sniper expertly headshotting fools from a mile away and hearing that lovely "TING" noise as the bullet hits their helmet or being a sneaky shotgun man with that silent footstep perk so I could tip toe around and blast people in the backs. For games like Timesplitters Future Perfect though I don't care how I am doing, it's just fun to play regardless.

I also just like to have fun and dick around in games sometimes. I always enjoy exploring the levels and seeing what shenanigans I can get up to. For example when my group of online gaming buddies and I were playing Haze, we spent a good 20 minutes just walking through the environment and pushing furniture around. I find it kind of fascinating to mess with stuff in games when objects can be manipulated and have physics. I just like seeing what weird stuff I can get away with in a game, whether the developers intended for me to do it or not.

Yea that is right I am a great scythe user. Also, I made this a gif, but it doesn't show up on Dtoid blogs so click it to see it.

Another way I like to mess around is by finding funny character animations or actions and doing them so other people in online games see them and get a chuckle or two. Like in Dark Souls you can raise and lower your weapons or shield really fast and look like and idiot, which I have done many a time. I also made my character look as ridiculous as possible, so that I can take off my mask randomly and whip out my sexiness and imagine the utter horror of the other player. Another example of some silliness I liked to do was in an old online PS2 game called Cold Winter which is now offline.You could crouch down in a squat, but you could full on sprint at the same time. The character animation was hilarious and you looked like a crab running around. We deemed it the "crab walk" and we'd all run around the levels spraying bullets at each other looking like idiots. It was actually a pretty good tactic too ha.

So to sum up what it's like to game with me. I can be pretty laid-back, funny, or a whiny little bitch depending on the game or situation. I greatly enjoy co-operative online or local multiplayer games because it takes out the stress of competitive multiplayer games. You and your fellow gamer have a mutual foe and I find that a lot of fun and less stressful then fighting against other people. Plus, it can be even more fun dicking around in the game if your Co-op buddy shares in the stupidity. Then again, competitive multiplayer games are very satisfying when you end up winning.

Eh. This blog is ok. I feel like it went in too many different directions. Maybe could have made a couple blogs and expanded on things more. CUT ME SOME SLACK FOLKS I AM RUSTY. Haven't blogged in a long while since I am indeed often a Lazyhoboguy, but I want to start doing it again. Still if you feel like giving me a "Fap".... oh no I forgot for a second it's called voting now! I used to love fapping I really miss fapping!. Hmm that came out wrong.
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