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Where ARE, all the games?

In an industry as big as videogames, one thing got me thinking. Where the &%$# are all the games? By that I mean this. We now have god knows how many games on the latest generation systems, but how many Tekken's, PGR's or Legend of Zelda's are we seeing?

I want to be very clear here, just for a moment lets pretend the term "generic" never existed. In a industry led by innovation, & new ideas, it's hard to believe that my only options for a tried & true adventure game. Are games like LoZ Twilight Princess, Which I love. Fable 2 & the new Prince of Persia are on their way, with Overlord and ICO also in the mix, & of cause "The Hobbit" on the original xbox, both I could play right now; though the latter I would much prefer to burn in hell. But Nothing else now pops into my head. & that's what worries me.

So where are the other Zelda's for me to play? You might be thinking, Dragon Quest or Lost Odyssey. That's not what I’m talking about. Again, and I hate to do this, but for an adventure game out there. TLoZelda is the only Fantasy Adventure game that I can play where I can live a young hero who goes about saving the world using just his wits & a sword. Note i should also mention the "Elder Scrolls" series as a key qualifier.

Simply saying, that's been done already or that’s generic as hell, I don't think is right. Because it comes down to this. Think of all the 3D fighter ''series'' you can on any system, what do you come up with? Tekken, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Mortal Combat, Virtual Fighter, Dragon Ball Z. You might think that’s a lot, but consider this. Six 3D fighters (series that is), out of thousands of Game titles out there, doesn’t amount to much.

Now think of this, you want to play a racer, something that just gives you that pure racing experience. You go to the store and you see what? PGR and GrandT. That’s it. Well wait, we have Burnout or DIRT, but answer me this then. How many other Burnouts are out there? Non. For the experience of driving 190Ks an Hour, Burnout is your only option. & are required to wait for it every year, just for that one type of experience.

I knowingly have two downfalls with my argument/rant. Market Flood + Quality. Now I absolutely agree the for the industry to move forward you have to keep trying new things and take risks, But I also say, use what works, & if that's not convincing enough for you, ....I expect FF IV to be the Shite.

If I'm wrong, then I shouldn't be thinking such bad thoughts. But it's your thoughts that mater, let me hear what you think. ..............Pineapple.
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