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Happy Late Australia Day!: Now the Hottest 150 Annoying Gaming Annoyances!

Welcome all!

Yes today was Australia day for us Australians, & that means one thing to us Aussies. The Triple J Hottest 100! Counting down the Hottest 100 songs of the year voted by the people.


A massive eight hundred thousand people voted for their favourite song this year. So to coincide with Australia day, & in proud self association with Triple J’s Hottest 100. I bring you, The Hottest 150 Annoying Gaming Annoyances to do with Gamers!

So gather round, stock the fire & relax…..

Because, In no particular order, at No. 1 we have......

1. The Lack of a quick save option in most RPG’s. - By cricky that's annoying!
2. 4 by 3 presentation on widescreen TV’s. - That's almost as annoying as the first one!
3. Game delays.
4. Black & white manuals.
5. Games that are rushed, regardless of the reason.
6. Cancelled games.
7. Japan only games.
8. DLC you have to pay for.
9. Game peripherals.
10. Syncing Controllers.
11. Guitar Hero IV base peddle.
12. How they redesigned Midori in GH World Tour. – She is a man…
13. Brocken tradition. - Example Final Fantasy 10-X2, among other things.
14. SKU’s. Do we really need 4 versions of the Xbox….
15. Region locking.
16. Game franchises that wont die. - If you can’t release a good game then why bother! I’m looking at you Sonic!
17. Snow levels.
18. Annoying constant dialog.
19. Failed De-pads.
20. Sport games. - What haven’t they added that they couldn’t add to the last ten iterations of madden.
21. Broken Consoles. – The RROD sucked.
22. When good games don’t sell. – Come-on! Zack & Wiki, Beyond Good & Evil.
23. Cheating AI. - No mater how far in front you get in Super Mario Cart bloody Peach always seem to be right on your tail.
24. Dodgy game covers. – Prime example is the Deal or no deal DS box art. Er, UK version.
25. DRM.
26. Game breaking situations.
27. Game loading.
28. Unskippable cut scenes.
29. D*%k heads on Xbox LIVE. – Funny though, how we all talk about these scum of the earth, but neither one of us is one of them.
30. Confusing Stats/menus.
31. The last ten years of Sonic games.
32. Scratched discs. – Yet thumbs-up to the PSP.
33. Xbox LIVE customer support. – Or any customer support for that mater.
34. Waiting for games. - If your going to announce FF XIII don’t then make us wait 3 years for it!
35. Boring games…… like, games that are just no fun.
36. Fetch quests.
37. Ubisoft games. – Though I can’t really, vouch for that myself.
38. Wii Graphics.
39. System requirements.
40. Upgrading.
41. Flat batteries.
42. When you haven’t played a game in ages, & then you have no idea what to do when you get around to playing it again.
43. Games that don’t make sense. – Space giraffe.
44. Disappointing games. – I followed Two Worlds for months, got disappointed.
45. Owning both, the PC & 360 versions of Two Worlds.
46. Lagggggggggg……
47. Messy files. Keeping sorted all of you Age mods.
48. Fighting Games. – No other type of game can get a man so angry!
49. Quitters. – Online RTS games & FPS online are prime examples.
50. Two Worlds……. ya, ya.
51. The inability to play one’s own music on the PS3 while playing most games.
52. Game endings. We all love a good game ending, but it’s frustrating when we do finally reach the end & that’s it, its over, what the heck do I do now? Ironically, the same applies in reverse when, you think the games over, but uh! No. That was just a cliff hanger to make you buythe next game.
53. Not getting an achievement point in Prince of Persia Classic for finishing the game in under an hour…..
54. Fan boys./Girls. Grading one console over another & bashing the crap out of the Wii. – Actually, that’s me. : )
55. The Nintendo Wii.
56. Shotty Controls. – Could never get my head around TimeSplitters.
57. Mini games. – Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz say’s it all.
58. When a game personally disappoints. – Halo 3 campaign.
59. Spoilers.
60. Game cheats that don’t work.
61. Cheaters….
62. Getting your ass handed to you at your own game. – I don’t mean to brag, but SSBB; i'll woop your ass, - maybe....
63. Water levels. – Sonic, Tombraider.
64. Knowing that you’ll never be able to rack the main female character. – Ever….
65. Deep down knowing that, playing Guitar Hero just makes you look, well. Ridiculous….
66. Those moments when you’re playing Call of Duty, & you think. F&*k I could have been a doctor….. ……Bugger.
67. No run button.
68. Those time when, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t unlock that achievement point.
69. When the bad guy will talk complete gibberish for a whole two minutes & all you want to do is go kill something.
70. Getting hit by the red shell in Mario Kart just before the finish line on the final lap.
71. Killing One Thousand Urutan-Yensa in a row in FFXII & not getting anything special for it….
72. Uwe Boll.
73. Contra.
74. When someone at school deletes your Pokémon game file on you Game Boy.
75. When you accidently save the game instead of quick saving while falling to your death in Tombraider.
76. Buying Heroes of Mana, then playing it……
77. When you run out of ammo.
78. When you cant complete a song on hard on Rock Band.
79. When you illegally download a game off bit-torrent, just to discover it’s a gay porno. – Never actually happened to me; yet….
80. Getting told to go to bed by your mother after staying up way too late playing Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue on your PS2. – The fact she caught you playing it is bad enough.
81. Making the same stupid mistake over & over again.
82. 4 letter name cap.
83. Power bricks.
84. I find it frustrating when in a critical situation, I never have enough buttons to work with.
85. Equally so, when I’m in a situation & I have too many buttons, I get frustrated.
86. When the Power goes out & you hadn’t saved in over an hour.
87. When you get so induced in a good RPG that, by the time you realise your health is low it’s too late. - & you hadn’t saved in over an hour.
88. The times when you run out of Phoenix Downs & your healer is dead. - & you hadn’t saved in an hour.
89. Invisible walls.
90. Impassable crates. – Impassable Crates! F*&k!
91. The fact that you can’t place VC games in specific folders on the Wii.
92. The lack of support for PS2 games on the newer model PS3’s.
93. Wii’s lack of Hard Drive Support.
94. Wii’s lack of DVD support.
95. Cooling fans. – Most are more noisy then they’re worth.
96. Ghost & Goblins’.
97. That annoying kid that always come on over after school just to play GTA on your Xbox.
98. Games that require mandatory installs on your PS3.
99. Crappy 3rd party peripherals.
100. That the GameCube was the only console to offer a carry handle……. : )
101. How Retro games were never as fun as you remember.
102. How people can borrow games & fail to look after them.
103. The friend who never lets you have a go.
104. The guy who say’s, “Just one more! one more!” – 5 "mores" later…..
105. The fact that you have a whole shelf of games & you can’t bring yourself to play a single one.
106. The times when you’ve been pumped for a game for months, then you finally get it home & play it for ten minutes before shelfing it for life.
107. Friend Codes.
108. Timed demos. – Skate 2 comes to mind.
109. Accidently ripping-out the HD cords from your TV when trying to unplug the 360. – This required a new set of HD cables……
110. Sticky fingers. – just doesn’t feel right does it.
111. The little glowing light on many consoles that keep you up at night.
112. Real Arcade games that require at least 40bucks before you can even think off passing it. – House of the dead anyone?
113. When your mum absolutely has to use the computer.
114. Hitting Thirty............
115. When you hit 0 damage onto your enemy.
116. Getting 99% on Rock Band….
117. Random battles.
118. Losing.
119. Clichés-. –F*&k, another giant rat.
120. Getting scammed.
121. Never being as good as you thought you were at fighting games. – Particularly Street Fighter.
122. Button mashers that pawn you. – Every time.
123. When the server goes down.
124. Sharing with your little brother.
125. Buying your first PSP on eBay & getting a Game Boy in the box.
126. Going left when you should have gone right.
127. The times that you get but-all for doing an hour long quest.
128. When pressing all the buttons at once still doesn’t solve the problem at hand.
129. The overuse of waggle. – A guy can only waggle his Wii so much…… Oh ya, I went there.
130. When nothing goes according to plan.
131. Being colour blind & trying to play Rock Band.
132. Not being able to get the “Wax Off” achievement in GW:RE2 no matter how hard you tried.
133. Having to go to the loo.
134. When, every time you go for a headshot in Halo. You always manage to stuff it up by self consciously flick your finger to the right just when you take your shot.
135. Knowing that Sonic Unleashed could have been a great game if it wasn’t for the werehog lvls. ………. barsteds…
136. Parents who just don’t get it.
137. Gamers who give other gamers a bad name.
138. Text adventures - Look in pot… Examine pot... Check pot… F*&k!.......
139. Tingle.
140. Buying a game that wipes your hard drive.
141. Puzzles that only a rocket man could out.
142. When game characters tell you stuff by asking questions. (“you mean we have to go to Camelot first before we can defeat the full metal dragon?!” “Yes my lord”) – More so in Anime.
143. The dog from duck hunt.
144. The imbalance of balance in the last ten years of DDR games.
145. Movies that get translated into games.
146. All the crap Wii games.
147. After playing a FPS on the Wii, the fact that it’s impossible to use contemporary controls for playing first person shooters for at least two day on all other consoles.
148. You just lvl grinded for the last 6 hours. Pawning that Level Boss son of a bitch should be easy. – Wrong, that just gave you enough strength to survive his frost form. – You need another 10 lvls before you can kick his frosty ass. – You proceed to die.
149. Lack of a jump button.
150. & at One Hundred & Fifty! ……..No matter how many times you kill that sun of a bitch Bowser. He’s always back to steal that bloody Princess, again, and again and again…..

So there we have it folks! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the list. Apologies If I ever repeated something, compiling the list over the last couple of days was a small effort by itself. So a small pat on the back to myself I think. At first this was just to 100 things. But by the end of it, I came out pretty much on the mark with 150 things that can be pretty annoying to the average gamer.

So once again, thank you, God bless, & good night Australia/World!

Enjoy the free drinks!
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