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A Time to Remember. Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote. The DOS Era.

Howdy my fellow DToider's. It's been a while, over a month I guess since my last post. & while I, in no way tie myself to the mould of “creative regular blogger” I somehow get the urge to build on the flow of being part of the online community & leaving my mark on the doorstep for others like yourselves to find. - It can be a lot of fun,.. & is sometimes equally rewarding.

-niceties aside. Today I'm back to look back on a game that while probably not being the first; was one of the few games that my older brother & I played on mum's first home computer. It was the beginning of the DOS Era for us, as we knew it, & the game "Fire & Ice" was where it-were at!

So now it's been fourteenth years. Fourteen years since we last met keys with Renegade Software's Fire & Ice. Until, that is, Last night. I happen to get a hold of it and BOOM! …..Retro Goggles!........ egh!

As I remember F&I was a great game, & by course still is. Though 14 years of separation does tend to chip a few diamonds off the block. Yet back then, it was truly the greatest thing ever. A platformer, it was an engrossing experience when my brother & I played it back on the old Windows 95. Coyote or Cool Coyote if you must, was precisely what his name exhibits. He was this blue Coyote, a bit like Sonic, but more raw in comparison.

He was this cool dude, who shot ice pellets in-front of him, & froze his enemies with a mighty “Iiinn.” Frozen, Coyote could then smash into them & would sometimes revel part of a key that was required to gain access to the next level. You would often have a coyote puppy following you around the level, shooting as you shoot, occasionally freezing enemies for you & knocking them down himself.

I remember from all those years ago no so much the game itself, but little elements that kept the memory of the game intact. I can still remember the vague mask of the first level. How you would go from left to right across the ice, shooting enemy creatures as you go, then going up a wall of ice drops to a higher platform before reaching the top & making your way across back towards the other side, where by reaching the left most end, jumping up would reveal a hidden item.
Will always too remember the vague memory of the yeti boss. How it took us ages every time to get to him & even then, dodging his snow projectiles was still a battle.

Going from one level to the next, the cool way the sun would come up & go down doing its thing. I also remember the second last level was a castle level & there were these blocks I vaguely remember. That’s all I remember that-I still remember before re-playing it last night.

After re-playing it the other night, it just re-enforces the memory of it all. Like how the ice ladder would literally melt in front of you after to long. The secret ice cubes that would appear when you hit them; all the enemies’ & what I first thought was exploding seagull poo. Lol. & thanks to re-playing it, I can now remember one more thing. The great tune it had after the game over screen. Looking it up in the in game duke box, “Heavenly Score” was a short but sweet tune that just looped over & over, but is a great tune & worth a re-mix or two.

Playing Fire & Ice with my brother all those years ago, was a blast! You have to remember. What retro goggles are today were in-fact Current awesome! back then. The whole perception of what you can call benchmark & mind-blowing is ever changing. How long before we look at a game like BioShock & call it, just…..ok, graphically wise. While the strings are no doubt tightening towards a refined end, back in 95, 96, F&I to us was the Shi*!

Yet, unbeknownst to us though, a far grater version already existed on the Amiga & Amiga CD. Though heck if I know what those things are today. Heck I’m guessing we didn't even know what a SNES was at the time. We sessioned that game for hours, I mostly watched mind you. Until we got to the end of what we thought was the game .........& got a big Game Over!....... Demo? What's a Demo? Shareware! What the heck is that!

Our grievances stemmed high as we contemplated the situation. Having to purchase the game after the first ten levels was I’m sure a bit of ah heartbreak for us. We know we couldn’t ask our parents, we were fortunate to have a computer at all. But I think we got over it & respected our parents enough not to ask, knowing full well the answer.

A great DOS game nonetheless, of what we played. Here’s to Renegade’s Fire & Ice, We salute you. Let us hope one-day we’ll see you on Live Arcade. Good sailing old friend……..
(……A Trumpet blows in the distance…….)

Next time on “A Time to Remember.” I’ll be looking at another of the few DOS games I ever played. This one also came in demo form, but was a great mix off puzzle, platform & probably lots of other stuff. Until then. Keep reading. As tomorrow night I should have up another special blog, this time involving games, annoying things & the No. 150! So stay tuned! & Good night!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai
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