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Episode 13: Hard Ass Games

Today the cast is scattered via illness and girlfriend snuggling. Luckily, we have the handsome Alex Barbatsis is joined by Allen Park, Sentry, and Matthew Jay so all is ok. Subscribe for itunes Here! Download and subscribe via other me...


Episode 11: PAXy Times

So, quick PAX episode about first day impressions. I am joined my roommates for the weekend Kyle McGregor, Guncannon, and Kraid. Download Here! itunes subscribe action! Show notes: -Games, Games, Games -Alex is super cool being medi...


Episode 9: Scott Pilgrimcast

This week we discuss Scott Pilgrim, the comics, the movie, and the game, with Matthew Jay of Sega-Addicts.com. Download Here Shownotes: -PSP games that are good. -We all love Scott Pilgrim except Kyle whose indifferent. Kyle sux. -Matt...


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