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Given that a new Animal Crossing is coming out, I'm all super excited. Yet, really, looking back on Nintendo's E3 press conference out of a BOO to JAWSOME scale, I'd give it a meh. I feel as if Nintendo is hiding something, anything. That o...


Nintendo blows

...my goddamn mind. That was kickin' rad, to say the least. I am so psyched that Animal Crossing is coming out and it looks so fucking awesome. And fuckin' GTA for DS, oh shit, they cant fuck that up. AND SPORE!! YESYESYES. I'll go in dept...


Doctor Who DS

I'll keep it short, and since it has to do with the ever adorable David Tennant, sweet. I've seen images that one in particular and if its real, which I'm presuming it is, is the game any decent? Because I will goddamn import it.


dear nintendo,

can we somehow make some sort of streamlined system with these wii code and friend code shenanigan? somehow, link all the zillion codes to one main username of some sorts. Unless, of course, you have that, then...publicize it? Pretty please...


an apology

OK. I'm offering myself up to be the new kid sacrificial gods, but, I figure I need some sort of testing ground for this blog nonsense. Here goes. The little rubber cover for the wiimote, has anyone ever actually used this? Seriously, min...


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all right.

so I'm painfully normal. I like the standard GH/DDR fare, Pokemon, Brawl, GTA, HL, blah blah. Its usually I like a game, I hate it, or I haven't played it. However, I'm opinionated and words words words.

I've been meaning to get into MGS.

I own a wii, PS2, SNES, NES, [broken] GC, DS, GBA, and a trillion GBs. I might get a 360 in the near future.

outside of video gaming, I'm a huge music nerd. Post-punk is my thing, next to industrial and some mish mosh whatever. My avatar is dave vanian of the damned. adorable.

I have two X chromosomes, I do partake in silly feminine things, makeup, clothing and the ownership of a vagina.

I'd rather know about you.