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They did not show a WoW (toyota) commercial during MNF.

Now, I'm all for the WoWites of this world being able to have free reign on the destruction of their own lives. Yet, in the last few months...it seems one of my closest friends has been enthralled by this behemoth. He's a level 52 hunter elf or some shit. Anyway, that's not the point. He gave up on his (my) FPS clan to game this gay game and left 'us' by the wayside for a bunch of dorkdomcom. All the whilst this happens to my bewildered state...I am forced to watch a World of Warcraft commercial during 'MY' Monday Night Football experience? What the fuck has gone in this world to where i cannot escape this monstrosity of a time wasting piece of shit during a goddamn football game?

enough ranting...

that fucking truck looked cool as shit.
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