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EDF! EDF! EDF! Earth Defense Force 2025 Review

The winter season is not a time for me to find much free time, and now with my amiibo obsession taking up a lot of my days off, I haven't had much time to play games at all. Thankfully, I made myself sit down and play Eath Denfese Forc...


Donkey Kong Country and what it means to me

Today, I re-watched one of my favorite video series on youtube, TVandLust's Context Matters, where Craig talks about games from his youth and his life at the time when he was playing that game. A lot of his videos are downright depressing a...


Gamestop, why must you hate us collectors?

Recently, I developed an obsession with Cave Story and I absolutely had to own Cave Story 3D, no matter what the cost. I looked at Gamestop's website and saw that while it happens to be a rather hard to find games, there were over ten store...


Things that disappointed me about E3 2014

E3 is pretty much the best thing for gamers each year. We get all of this exciting news about all of these new games and everything video-game related ever. Every year, there's at least five times that I see something that makes me stand up...


You're reviving old, bad games now? That's cool!

With the announcement that the creator of Night Trap wants to re-release the game, and the fact that the Shaq-Fu reboot got funded on Kickstarter somehow, it seems that publishers want to capitalize on their old, long-dead IPs that they've ...


Dark Souls II and the amazing item placement

I've been completely loving (as well as hating) Dark Souls II so much since its release. It's the only thing that I've played since March 11th.  Every single thing about the game I either loved right away, or hated at first but then grew to...


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I'm a serious video game collector who focuses mainly on RPGs. My favorite console is the SNES, but that doesn't stop me from playing modern games, thankfully.