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Been messing around in a free game on Steam called "Off-Peak". It's more or less a walking simulator set in a fascinating imaginary train station full of beautiful art, great music and whimsical dialogue. It's perfect for a lazy afternoon.


just played through Blackguards for 10 hours and found out my build ain't worth shit. This is one of those games that almost always requires glancing at a walkthrough. ... moving on.


Playing through Double-Fine's "The Cave" on PC. Looks really great but still hasn't grabbed my attention after 2 hours. Controls are stiff and the jokes have bombed so far to me.


Killer Is Dead is actually a pretty cool game if you give it a chance. Super stylish hack and slash gameplay with a bizarre world only the demented mind of Suda 51 could come up with. Can't say the framerate on PS3 is the best though...


Just finished Spec Ops: The Line on PS3 (also on 360, PC, MAC). Very functional TPS with a beautifully bleak plot... probably one of the best stories told in a modern shooter. If you're still into last gen, don't miss this!


Probably the most awesome soundtrack in an indie game. And the game isn't so bad either. win/win situation tbqh. http://store.steampowered.com/app/285470/ http://bignic.bandcamp.com/album/zombies


I dunno but Heroes darts further and further away from being cool as it goes on imo. By the end I was kinda glad they had cancelled the whole trainwreck.


I'm always a console generation behind because of backlog. My PS3 needs me.


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